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SLS holds badminton tournament


A four-day inter-SLS Badminton Tournament, between 10 campuses of SLS, was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Islamabad campus, says a press release.

Imtiaz Gill, secretary general of Pakistan Badminton Federation was the guest of honour to witness the exciting final matches and award trophies to the winners. A total of 140 students of classes V to IX from 15 branches competed in singles and doubles matches for girls and boys.

Playing first in the eliminating heats and then moving up through the quarter final, semi-final and ultimately the final rounds, all participants showed their competitive streak and every point was well played and earned the applause and admiration of all the spectators. There was a lot of applauding and hurrahs as the students of the different campuses cheered on their playing team mates.

The Islamabad campus and Lalazar campus dominated the proceedings, and Satellite Town put up a good fight as well. The players qualified through the eliminating matches to reach the Finals in different categories in the Singles and Doubles. Mr. Gill who himself represented Pakistan internationally and played professionally for 15 years was full of praise for the standard of matches he witnessed.

Basing it on the maximum number of matches won, the Islamabad campus walked away with the championship trophy with 54 points, breaking Lalazar campus’s 11-year winning streak. The Lalazar campus came second with 41 points. Rafay Kiyani, grade 9 and Sajal Fatima, grade 7 of the Islamabad campus won the best players of the Tournament trophy (singles), Huzaifa Abbas and Hayan Khan, grade 9 of the Lalazar campus were awarded the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament trophy (boys), and Noor-e-Fatima and Fareeha Hasan, grade 9 of the Tufail Road campus won the Best Doubles Team trophy (girls). The coach who was awarded the certificate for the Best Disciplined Team was Riffat Iqbal of the Satellite Town campus.


SLS student shines in education games


A student of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School has secured the 33rd position worldwide at the grade one level in the recently held World Education Games, says a press release.

The World Education Games (WEG) is the world’s largest online education event hosted by 3P Learning in partnership with UNICEF and has been taking place since 2007.

Reshail Ahmed of the SLS, Lalazar campus is a grade one student and participated in the WEG for the first time along with six million other registered participants. The WEG is a three-day online event that tests students’ knowledge in literacy, math and science.

Hundreds of students from all campuses of SLS School registered and participated in the competition. The overall opinion of the participants was that the education games were a lot of fun and tested the core concepts taught to the students. Reshail secured the 33rd position worldwide by securing a total of 3,089 points with the highest grade one score being 4,114 points. Students of SLS School are routinely tested on their knowledge through the use of worksheets that are built into the specially designed curriculum.

Students are given opportunities several times in the year to hone and show their skills, like making science projects in Little Scientists Week, practicing and proving their reading skills and knowledge in the International Day of Literacy celebrations, and the yearly open days that have class exhibitions on all topics that the students study in the year.

SLS School organises Sports Day


Fairy tales are part of a child’s learning experience from the time it begins to read and recognise images and they not only entertain but are responsible for flights of imagination that let a child enjoy the wonderland of mythical creatures like fairies and witches.

Keeping this in mind, the SLS Montessori and High School in Islamabad organised a Sports Day with the title, ‘Wonderland Sports Day,’ in which children of the various Montessori sections took part dressed in costumes assigned to each section. The event was attended by proud parents and siblings and the guest of honour was Susana Martin-Saravia, wife of dean of the Diplomatic Corps, Ambassador of Argentina, Rodolfo Martin-Saravia – apart from which she is a popular personality of the capital in her own right.

The playground had the young students – dressed in their colourful costumes – sitting on one side and the parents at the opposite end, with a stage in the middle. Balloons and bunting and colourful decorations gave the place a cheerful look while lively music played in the background. The programme began with Director of SLS Schools, Asiya Talha introducing the guest of honour and saying a few words about her, including the fact that she and her husband have been here over a decade and are instrumental in making Argentina known better to Pakistanis, while her husband has received the highest civilian award from Pakistan for his contribution in improving bilateral relations between Pakistan and Argentina.

After recitation from the Holy Quran, the games were declared open by the guest of honour with the cutting of a ribbon, and the programme began with a march-past by all the children – fairies and princes; bumble bees and mermaids; unicorns and witches and many other fairy tale characters, with the little ones walking in a surprising orderly fashion, waving to the parents and those on the stage with confidence and cheerful smiles. After this there were different kinds of races and these were interspersed with a lively cheer-leaders performance and a PT display. Of-course there were a few instances of little ones straying away and walking and running in the opposite direction but these added to the enjoyment of the event instead of detracting from it. Who can resist children when they look so cute, happy and unaware about their actions!

Anyway, despite the fact that the children were from three to six years old, everything went with clockwork precision, with no delays, credit for which goes to their teachers and the overall in-charge – Uzma Ali. It requires patience and a love for children to achieve results of the kind on display at this event – the guest of honour was rightly impressed and had words of praise both for the children and their teachers. “I have a four year old grandson and I know what it is like to handle them,” she said with a warm smile. “I give them full marks!”

Prizes were awarded to the first three position holders in each group, while a special consolation prize was given to a little girl who kept going to complete her walk, completely unaware that she was alone trailing behind the others long after they had reached their goal. Now that’s sportsmanship, even at that tender age! In conclusion the principal Shahida Khurshid and Uzma Ali were presented tokens of appreciation by the school administration; the director thanked the guest of honour for taking time out from her busy schedule to attend the event and refreshments were served to the parents and children and the successful event concluded on a happy note.


SLS students win essay contest


As many as 10 students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School have won distinctions in The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, says a press release.

The essay competition is held every year by the Royal Commonwealth Society, England in partnership with the Cambridge University Press. This year the competition made a record with 13,000 entries from 600 schools from 49 Commonwealth countries and territories. The topic was ‘A Young Commonwealth’, imploring young minds to voice their hopes and concerns about the future of the world they are growing up in. From the 13,000 entries, 3000 participants won an award.

Students of different campuses of SLS School wrote about varying concerns of a young person, from the everyday problems of a teenager to how global warming will affect their lives on a global scale in their adulthood. Students wrote about how never before have young adults been in the unique situation of where they not only have to think about their immediate school, friends, family and neighbourhood but also interact with the world choosing to be an advocate for and take responsibilities for global issues.

It was the very first time for SLS students took part in the competition. Hamna Zia Mirza, Bisma Asif and Taha Riaz brought home the gold award, Alizeh Ahmad won the silver award, and Abeera Wasif, Zoha Shafqat, Aamina Aakif, Esha Shahid, M. Hanzala and M. Tayyab were awarded the bronze award.

Literacy Day celebrated at SLS schools


International Literacy Day was celebrated in all Montessori and Primary campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The month-long celebrations, starting from September 8, included special assemblies, extra hours for reading, and fun classroom activities that let children spend more time with their favourite books.

After reading their favourite book, students shared passages of it with their class fellows. They were encouraged to share the moral of the story, if it had one, and to summarize the story in their own words. Be it about dinosaurs, fairies or Alladin, every school day had a little bit of storybook magic added to it. For those who couldn’t quite find their favourite book, they were encouraged to make book covers of what their favourite book would be about. Lots of wonderful little handmade book covers were added to the school collection. One day was spent with students making bookmarks for their books and to present as gifts to their loved ones.

The International Literacy Day was declared in 1965 by Unesco and aims to have children “rediscover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education.” Keeping this in mind, a Book Reading Week was arranged at SLS schools with book fairs put up in all campuses to urge students to look through and find new favourite books. Parents were encouraged to inculcate the habit of buying books in their children. And primary level students were encouraged to teach willing staff members daily use phrases in the English language.

Special morning assemblies were presented by students in which they dressed up in costumes and performed a skit on the story of a book. Supporting music and props made these skits a delight for the young audience. Older students took this opportunity to highlight the importance of being literate and how many of us can take our literacy for granted.

Students were taught to recognise foreign words that are abundantly used in the English language, like Cartoon, Kindergarten and Cookie. Teachers helped students learn greetings in Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic. The highlight of the International Literacy Day for the students was dressing up as their favourite storybook or poem character. Students came to school as Little Elf Man, the Woodcutter, Harry Potter and Rapunzel amongst many other beloved characters.


SLS students excel in National Art Competition


Over a dozen young artists from Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School were invited to receive certificates and prizes at the opening ceremony of The Little Art’s 4th season of ArtBeat – National Child Art Competition & Exhibition, says a press release.

The opening ceremony took place at the Sir Syed Memorial, Islamabad with a large crowd of excited students accompanied by their families. This year’s competition had the largest participation of children, with over 6,000 artworks from 210 schools and 25 community organisations from across the country.

The jury, consisting of painter R. M. Naeem and principal of Punjab University Art College, Shahida Manzoor, amongst others, had the tough task of choosing artworks to be exhibited. Out of the 356 artworks chosen for exhibition, 14 were made by students of SLS School.

The guests of honour for the opening ceremony were BISP chairperson Marvi Memon, honorary President of the Sir Syed Memorial Society Brigadier (r) Iqbal M. Shafi, Unesco Director Vibeke Jensen, Executive Director DG Pakistan Valerie Khan, Artist and Professor Aqeel Solangi, Visual Artist Sana Arjumand and Artist and Assistant Professor (NCA Rawalpindi) Sajjad Akram.

The children’s paintings were exhibited in a beautiful manner, the lighting bringing out the colours and details that the children had put their heart and soul into. The theme of this year was Kaisa Pakistan (How do you see/wish to see Pakistan?), and all the paintings depicted happiness and hope – a much needed dose of optimism for all the adults present.

Director of The Little Art, Shoaib Iqbal told all the students that this was their day – it was what they saw Pakistan as through their eyes that everyone was celebrating. All guests of honour had personal and wonderful words of encouragement for all the young artists. Most of the guests made the effort to speak in Urdu so that all the students present, many of whom came from marginalized schools, were inspired to make more art.

The exhibition in Islamabad was open to the public till the 18th and is now travelling to Lahore and then Karachi. The SLS students whose paintings are exhibited are Maham Ali, M. Idtehaj Hameed, Anushay Zeeshan, Hafiz M. Omar Akhtar, Fiza, Zunaira Majeed, Hassan Javed, Sajal, Ateeq Mehmood, Amal Shahid, Shiza Anwar, M. Faheem, Ali Asif, and Master Sheharyer Nadeem.
– See more at: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/63569-sls-students-excel-in-national-art-competition#sthash.RifiPnC2.dpuf

SLS student returns from YES Programme


Hamna Khalid, a student of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, recently came back after being in the United States for a year under iEarn’s Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programme, says a press release.

Hamna Khalid of the Tufail Road campus was only 15 when she got selected for the exchange programme and became a cultural ambassador for her country. She spent the last year in Houston, Texas, with the Kesselers family and went to Cypress Lakes High School.

She got to study a multitude of different subjects like Multimedia Editing, Forensic Science, Journalism and US History. Her favourite class in that year was Forensic Science. She was selected for a journalism workshop in Dallas by Balfour Publishers where she was awarded the Queen Prize for outstanding journalism. Hamna was a member of many after school clubs like The Photo Club where she went out into the field to take photos and learnt how to become a better photographer and photo-editor. She played sports regularly and she received an award for her skills in her favourite sport which was tennis. As a young Pakistani girl in the US, Hamna had many opportunities to give presentations on her home country clearing many misconceptions. Her class fellows were most surprised by her excellent English and communication skills. They learnt a lot about life in Pakistan and the hospitality of Pakistani people.

Upholding the tradition of the previous 24 SLS students who represented Pakistan in the United States, Hamna received many awards during her year-long stay. She was one of the very few students out of 3600 who got selected for The National Members Honour Society that focused all their efforts on community service. Hamna also received countless Spartans Scholar Awards from her school for her outstanding grades throughout the year. She was recognized for her community service on completing 108 hours working at child care centres, with teachers after school, and helping the elderly.

Hamna says that the most memorable experience for her was visiting the NASA Space Station and meeting astronaut Brian Duffy. Her cow-boy influenced hometown gave her the opportunity to make friends of all races and cultures. Hamna says that the most valuable lesson for her was appreciating the diversity of people which the United States has. – See more at: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/58834-sls-student-returns-from-yes-programme#sthash.0n64vTCm.dpuf

SLS holding Independence Week


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School will be festive this week to mark Pakistan’s Independence Day, says a press release.

August is marked by green and white everywhere — in waving flags, in face paintings, hats being sold at traffic lights, ready-made clothes and of course, tall structures adorned by lights. Six of the main road campuses of SLS School were lit up from top to bottom in green and white lights and were a sight to see for students, parents and of course, all of the neighbouring community.

Students returning after their long summer break spent time on their first day to make flags to pin to their shirts and forehead bands with patriotic messages. Corridors and hallways of the schools were decorated with Pakistani flags and buntings of green and white color upped everyone’s patriotic sentiments. National songs were played and sung joyously by students and teachers alike in their morning assemblies. Some campuses arranged cultural walks showcasing the different provinces with the very appropriate “Is parcham ke saey talay hum aikhain” (We are one under this flag) being sung. Of course, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Fatima Jinnah and Allama Iqbal made an appearance because without them any Independence Day celebration would not be complete!

Director of SLS Schools Asiya Talha said on the occasion that SLS School took its duty as a molder and shaper of students’ characters very seriously. She said that while patriotism is one of the best things to instill in a child, the most important thing to instill is the realisation that we are all humans living, breathing and feeling the same feelings all over the world and that borders and restrictions are all human-made. Students must think of themselves as citizens of the world instead of just their country, she said.


International Family Day celebrated at SLS School



Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Harley Street, Montessori Branch, celebrated the United Nations International Day of Families in an evening event of fun and frolic, says a press release.

Throngs of little Montessori students all dressed up in their performance costumes or their favourite outfits showed up to school with their parents and extended family. A welcome group of little ones showed off their poem singing skills by performing their favourite poems with lots of gusto and hand gestures. Different games and competitions were arranged to engage students in either Montessori-themed exercises or just plain fun.

As some students got their height and weight measured in one colourful corner, others prepared sandwiches with their teachers for their families. Some prepared sandwiches were proudly presented to the amused parents where as others got gobbled up during preparation! In the plantation activity, parents enthusiastically participated in planting seeds with their children. A photo-shoot corner allowed students to pose with their favourite cartoon character and family for a photo to remember.

The beauty corner allowed for fun hairdos and ‘mehndi’ application. And of course, the classic face painting had a line of excited students. Inside one of the classrooms was a ‘movie night’ for parents to snuggle up with their kids and enjoy a classic children’s comedy. But the winning activity for the children seemed to be the pets’ corner. Much to the delight of the students and parents, there were three goats, a chick and three fish for the children to look at, pet, feed, and learn about. The goats, so clean that their coats shone, were borrowed from a neighbouring goat-herder and they happily munched on the hay that the students eagerly fed them.

The event ran late after sunset with the parents very appreciative of the chance to spend time with their children having good fun. Branch Head, Humaira Zaidi praised her hard working teachers and school staff. She said that with the amount of tension and despair the nation had to learn to deal with, it was all the more important to celebrate one’s family. Full of giggles and awe, and surrounded by their loved ones, the students of the Harley Street Montessori branch had an evening to remember.


Cultural Diversity celebrated at SLS School


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town Senior branch put together a function to celebrate UNESCO’s World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, says a press release.

Sajida Nasreen, assistant secretary general of the Pakistan National Commission for Unesco, and Munir Ahmed, director DEVCOM were the guests of honour for the event.

On their arrival, the parents and guests were given a special welcome by a group of singers and performers who sang a welcome message in several different languages of Pakistan. Thus began the dazzling showcasing of cultural diversity in the country.

As students dressed in traditional attire of the different regions of the country pretended to walk into a local ‘dhaba’ to order the region’s culinary specialties in their local language, ‘waiters’ brought out saplings of the food and drinks to the audience. Region after region had delectable items to view and taste and the audience just could not hide their surprise and pleasure of the freshly made regional foods and drinks.

After the culinary feast, a second group of traditionally attired performers came to harvest different regional crops. They performed their beautiful and distinctive traditional dances much to the delight of the audience. Street games were played in front of the audience, no doubt taking many parents back to their childhoods.

As a student dressed as a Christmas tree made his way on the stage, so started the showcasing of some of the major festivals celebrated in Pakistan. Eid, Christmas, ‘Nowruz,’ ‘Basant’ and ‘Holi’ were celebrated so realistically that one almost felt like it was that time of the year.

The last performance of the day was a very funny tableau that had everybody in fits of laughter but it also sent a strong message of embracing our differences as a nation. As two men who didn’t speak each other’s regional languages fought over the same thing, a bystander enjoyed it thoroughly. When he finally decided to pacify them, he told them there was beauty in understanding each other’s mother tongue. Students dressed as colourful trucks with poetry of different regions came in front and every poem’s stanza was a hilarious surprise when translated by the bystander.

The audience gave a long round of applause to all the performers. Section Head Adeela Rehman gave a note of thanks to all the guests for coming and stressed the need for tolerance and acceptance in society. Sajida Nasreen congratulated the students and teachers on putting together such an entertaining and informative event and appreciated the time and effort it took.