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SLS students commemorate Pakistan Resolution Day


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School marked Pakistan Resolution Day in the form of weeklong succession of activities and events.

The students of SLS, Harley Street Senior branch celebrated this day with great zeal and zest with a special programme organised by the teachers and senior students. The programme began with a national song sung by a student creating an aura of nationalism and patriotism.

Since history plays an important part in making young minds understand the importance of days like Pakistan Resolution Day, a student delivered a speech highlighting the important historical events that led up of the day. To show the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan, students of grade 7, 8 and 9 presented a tableau on the national song ‘Rahay Salamat Pakistan.’ The audience cheered and applauded as the students danced on regional beats wearing beautiful dresses representing the diversity in the provinces of Pakistan.

The next performance was the highlight of the programme enjoyed equally by the students and the teachers. The school compound was filled with the sound of students clapping and cheering as the boys of grade 9 stepped onto the stage wearing the national dress of Pakistan with green scarves adorned around their necks and danced enthusiastically on the national song ‘Ay Jawaan Jeet Hay Tera Nishaan.’ This amazing performance was followed by girls and boys of grade 7 and 9 who took over the stage to sing a medley of our favourite national songs with the audience singing along waving small stick flags. More speeches were delivered by the senior students with the purpose of paying homage to the leaders who were the part of the freedom movement and to inculcate the notion of helping the country in hours of need.

Guest of honour, Lt. Basim Mustafa said a few but very encouraging words to the students about being honest and helpful citizens of the country. At the end of the programme, Principal Mobeena Moazzam addressed all the students and teachers and thanked them for arranging such a fantastic event to commemorate such an important day. She also thanked Lt. Basim Mustafa, an ex-SLS student for coming as a guest and motivating the students to do something for their country.

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SLS School celebrates World Wildlife Day


Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School marked World Wildlife Day, at the SLS, Peshawar Road, and Range Road campuses.

A special morning assembly was arranged for students of Junior, Senior and Advanced Montessori. The audience of students was a sight to see as all of them had their faces painted to represent a certain type of wildlife animal.

Peshawar Road Campus Headmistress Naghmana Anjum gave a brief talk to her students about why this day is celebrated. She highlighted how each one of us can save wildlife, flora and fauna, by protecting natural resources, not wasting water, burning less fuel, by using paper bags instead of plastic bags and by not killing animals for fun or sport. She then invited her students to start the event. As the song “Jungle Rhythm” started playing, students dressed as ‘people of the nature’ danced a song dedicated to the coexistence of humans with nature. A quiz followed with the audience having to name a wild animal and take out its sound. A poem performance called “Walking through the jungle, what do you see?” had the audience and performers singing together ‘spotting’ different wild animals. A student of Advance Montessori said a few words on Animals Are Our Friends and how just like us they have a brain and can feel love and pain.

A skit was presented at both campuses to create awareness about not killing the animals for fun or for their skin. Montessori students of the SLS, Range Road campus showed how animals used to live happily and peacefully until the hunters came to hunt them for fun and for their skin. They also cut down trees and destroyed the habitat. The end consequence showed a world without animals and plants and humans full of regret. Students were told that animals cannot speak for themselves so all of us have to be their voice. Range Road Section Head, Irum Jamal spoke about the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day – ‘the future of wildlife is in our hands’ and urged students and teachers to make kindness to plants and animals a part of their daily life and not just a one day celebration.

Teaching compassion to young students can be a challenging task but with the help of poems, props, costumes and skits, small lessons can be imparted to young minds. World Wildlife Day was proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in 2013 and is celebrated every year in March.

Original Post: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/110336-SLS-School-celebrates-World-Wildlife-Day

World Social Justice Day celebrated at SLS School


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Harley Street Montessori campus held an event to commemorate World Social Justice Day, says a press release.

Students of junior, senior and advanced Montessori and class 1 prepared skits with the help of their teachers to perform in front of their parents and other guests.

A topic like social justice is a difficult concept to explain to young children yet through short play performances, the young students of Montessori and Class 1 showed that they had grasped the concept quite beautifully. The event began with the message of ‘Let’s seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly’. The first performance was on the treatment of children with disabilities. As students are discussing what is supposed to be an exciting Sports Day event at their school, a disabled child gets picked on because he won’t be able to participate in the races. The teacher quietens the laughing class and proceeds to tell them what winning in life is truly about.

The second performance was on the right to food, clothes and shelter for all. An old hungry woman sitting on the roadside in cold weather is noticed by a father and daughter. The daughter chooses to share her lunch with the woman. On finding out that she’s ill and without money, the father takes the woman to a doctor, paying for the fees and medicine, setting a fine example for his little girl. Students were shown that human interaction and giving food and helping with medicine is a better option than supporting beggary as a profession.

The next performance showcased education for all. A household where only the education of the boys is considered worth anything has the girl asking why she isn’t considered an equal when it comes to literacy and knowledge. Two school going boys talk about their feelings on seeing child labourers their age earning income for their households. They tell the working boys about their low fee structured school and encourage them to talk to their parents about the possibility of an education.

The play performances were wrapped up with a delightful song about children and their rights. Students sung that they had a right to be loved, a right to a home, the right to sing, the right to play, and if the world gave them these rights, they could make this world a better place when they grew up.

Parents of the students of SLS were very moved and impressed with their young children touching upon such important and difficult issues in society. Section Head, Humaira Zaidi congratulated her students and teachers on a well celebrated day.


Original Post: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/103133-World-Social-Justice-Day-celebrated-at-SLS-School


Meet Maryam Akif and Sarah Batool

Maryam Akif, Class 1 (left) and Sarah Batool, Class 6 (right) were selected as regional finalists for the Oxford Big Reads Review Writing Competition from over 1000 participating students from 25 schools in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Maryam and Sarah were invited to the OUP Office in Islamabad in January 2016 for an on spot review writing competition. Students had to have read at least three books from an Oxford booklist. The invigilator selected a random book and asked students to write a review on it. Maryam was selected in the Class 1-3 category and Sarah in the Class 4-6 category.
We’re so proud of you!

SLS students celebrate World Radio Day


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, New Lalazar campus celebrated World Radio Day, says a press release.

Students of Junior to Advance Montessori and Class 1 invited their parents and other guests to come and understand why World Radio Day was declared by Unesco to be celebrated on February 13 every year.

The programme started with an introductory presentation on what a radio is, how it works and why it is such an important part of our lives. Guests then got to meet the ‘inventor’ of the radio, Guglielmo Marconi who was wearing his Nobel-prize medal and through a poem that he sang, he relayed his thoughts that led to his discovery and what a fine discovery it was! He demonstrated the different usages of the radio on a student who was dressed up as a radio set.Every time the student ‘radio set’ needed tuning, it brought about many smiles and giggles.

Following the inventor’s act was a student playing the part of radio broadcaster and jockey who was ‘live on air’ and he demonstrated the fun side of radio usage to parents and guests talking very smoothly and taking out basic beat box sounds.

A dance performance by a group of students dressed up as radio sets followed and it was a delightful robot break dance to a robotic soundtrack. A skit with a grandmother and two granddaughters demonstrated the usage of radio in today’s times as they listened to a story on the radio and their grandmother told them how even with all the other newer technologies, the radio was still one of the most important discoveries and would remain so.

This year’s theme for World Radio Day was Radio Saves Lives. This theme was explained by students who presented themselves as a mountaineer and a scout who having lost their way, on a mountain and in forest respectively, were later rescued through the help of radio waves and signals.

All students participated in some sort of activity to commemorate the day at the campus. Parents got to see these activities displayed at the activity corner. Students of Junior, Senior and Advance Montessori coloured pictures of different radio sets, drew pictures and did collage work. Class 1 students did creative writing on ‘Radio’ and drew pictures.

A fun radio set photo booth made for memorable family photos. Section Head, Saira Noor thanked all the parents and guests for coming. She appreciated the work done by the students and the hard work put in by her teaching staff.


Open Day held at SLS campuses


Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Lalazar Campus, organised an Open Day, says a press release.

Over 3,000 parents and guests attended the grand exhibition, which was followed by a funfair for all.

Parents and guests started their tour with the Junior Montessori ‘Garden’ themed classes. Each classroom represented a magical thing found in a walk through a garden. One class had students as different ‘Birds’ with perfect little costumes and chirps. Another had students as beautiful ‘Flowers’ dancing in the breeze.

Some students were scrumptious fruits, telling guests just how delicious and healthy they were, and ‘Vegetables’ were not ignored with Ms. Potato and Mr. Pumpkin amongst many other vegetables singing poems about themselves. Student ‘Insects’ buzzed around, gorgeous caterpillars, bees, lady bugs and determined ants singing their roles.

The senior Montessori classes took the parents and guests on a journey into Spain, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the wild life side of Australia. Stepping into each classroom was like stepping into a fun film set for that country. Students wearing different traditional attires of each country greeted guests in the local language. They performed the country’s traditional dances and the parents were particularly delighted by the traditional Chinese Dragon Dance and Middle Eastern tambourine dancers.

Students dressed in traditional Chinese qipao dresses showed guests the art of hospitality in making and serving tea with the backdrop of an almost perfect miniature replica of The Great Wall of China. Ancient Egypt showed the times of the Pharaohs and the process of mummification. In Australia, parents couldn’t stop cooing to the student kangaroo and the koala bear stayed on his tree, true to his nature.

Last but not the least, the students of Advance Montessori classes showed parents life in the dessert, up in the mountains, in the icy regions of the North Pole, in the throngs of a rain forest and deep in the sea. The classrooms were converted into Land Forms fantastically. Introducing themselves as inhabitants of the particular land form, students showed parents A Day In The Life Of with their costumes, their food resources and the upside to their particular land form. Life Under the Sea was a particular favourite with a huge jellyfish that had tentacles encompassing a student and students as sea horses, whales and sharks. Each life form had a song to tell you about its beauty and its wonder. Even those that are microscopic and not visible to the naked eye were costumed up and made visible for the guests.

The day ended late in the afternoon with a Funfair for all families and guests with different food stalls, a magic show, a maze, and a haunted house with a very ‘witchy’ teacher as the ticketer, much to the delight of all the students.


– See more at: http://www.thenews.com.pk/latest/95885-Open-Day-held-at-SLS-campuses#sthash.A8X9dF5w.dpuf

SLS Schools celebrate Science Week


Primary campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the annual Little Scientists Week, says a press release.

The students of SLS Primary Branch, Satellite Town, showcased their ‘Little Scientist Week’ projects on a sunny day in the branch’s school ground with a dozen tables with carefully crafted science experiments awaiting the parents and guests. Students of grades 1 to 3 all dressed up in their white lab coats were waiting to impress their spectators. The chief guest for the event was Tasneem Yousuf Lotia, headmistress of Frobels International School, Civil Lines campus. Her welcome committee was a girl and a boy dressed up as a little Einstein and a little Newton.

Lotia went from table to table asking about each project from every student. While some students were delighted to talk about their project and went in depth into its workings, others were a little tongue-tied and shy at first. However every student’s effort was appreciated. They were asked who helped them on their project and the proud parent or teacher was then clapped for as well. This resulted in a few hours of pure science and lots of teamwork appreciation.

Students had spent a few weeks discussing and deciding on their projects with their teachers and then involving their parents in it. Head Teacher of SLS Satellite Town primary branch, Umema Tuz Zehra encouraged the maximum use of recycles to make the projects, therefore a lot of items like tin cans, ice cream sticks and plastic bottles were seen in the projects. Students had also brought their own action figures to incorporate the ‘human life’ element in their projects.

The erupting volcano using baking soda and vinegar was the most popular project amongst the students followed by simple circuits where potatoes and lemons were used to generate enough energy to light up one small bulb. The working of a parachute was demonstrated by a young girl using a cartoon figure as a human. When thrown from a height into the air, the parachute came down slowly as it pushed against the air.

A water filtration plant was made using glass, wood, metal gauze, cloth, stones and stand. Three layers of the filtration plant layered with big stones, small stones and sand showed muddy water poured on top coming out clean at the bottom.

Many other simple science projects delighted the parents and guests. Head teacher Umema Tuz Zehra thanked the guest of honour and all the parents and teachers for making the science exhibition a memorable fun-filled day.


– See more at: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/92091-SLS-Schools-celebrate-Science-Week#sthash.mDJ7y95f.dpuf

Oh the fun we have
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Oxford author visits SLS School


Nicholas Horsburgh, author of many books for students, visited Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

Horsburgh, most famously known for his ‘New Oxford Modern English’, ‘Oxford Reading Circle’ and ‘Oxford Primary Science’ books, which are used in schools throughout Pakistan, has penned down more than 250 books for students with different pen names.

It was with great excitement that the students and teachers of the SLS Lalazar primary classes met the author whose textbooks they are using. Students and teachers showed Horsburgh how they learnt and taught their Science and Social Studies lessons using the technique of writing and singing chants. Difficult names and tough concepts to be memorized all became easy when the teacher penned them down in the form of a poem with the help of her students.

Horsburgh used humour to connect with the students for an interactive talk. The students were asked how they knew what they learned was accurate, and used several examples to challenge accepting what their teacher had taught them. If I say North is here and not here, how would you know it’s right?, he asked students of grade 3. One student immediately said Google. Another student brought up Horsburgh’s book up to him and showed him how to read cardinal directions.

Horsburgh also gave a talk to the English and Science Regional Coordinators at the SLS Head Office. He spoke about his experiences growing up in India as well as of the school his parents founded in Karnataka in 1972. He put a lot of emphasis on certain teaching methodologies used in India and Pakistan that are not conductive to the true learning experience of students. While every example was given in a humourous way, it gave a lot of food for thought to all the teachers and coordinators on the teaching and learning techniques used on students. Horsburgh emphasised that the focus of education must be on critical learning, instead of rote memorization.