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Charity drives held at SLS schools


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School held multiple activities and events in their Charity Week drive, says a press release.

The school theme of the second term is Kindness and learning how to collect funds for causes is one of the things students learn. Students hold charity drives, charity carnivals and use recyclables to create sellable items in collecting funds for different causes.

The SLS, New Lalazar campus held a charity carnival to raise funds for Bostaan’ilm School, a non-profit afternoon-hours school that uses two SLS campuses rent-free to educate underprivileged children. Prior to the carnival, teachers conducted small sessions in the classrooms talking to their students about the concept of charity and helping others.

A small assembly with a poem and skit presentation kick-started the charity carnival. The poem was sung by Montessori students impersonating sunshine saying that together we could bring change by doing good deeds and helping others. The skit by the primary students highlighted the same idea of helping others through one’s own resources. A “Charity Train” made up of Montessori students depicted different ways in which one can do acts of kindness like by caring for others, by greeting others with a smile, donating to legit organisations etc.

After the assembly all the students proceeded towards the school ground which was decorated with buntings of red and white with multiple food and games stalls. The students bought tickets to play games and enjoy delicious snacks, all proceeds benefitting Bostaan’ilm School.

Section Head, Saira Noor appreciated her teachers and students effort in learning about kindness and charity. She emphasized that this spirit of helping others should remain the same throughout the year.




Kindness Week held at SLS schools


A week teaching students about practicing kindness in different ways took place in all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

A series of activities and special assemblies were held at SLS Schools dedicated to encouraging the students to be kind towards other humans and to animals and plants. Pep talks were given in classrooms and students came up with age appropriate ideas of performing small acts of kindness. They fed birds and animals and left water out for them, they greeted everyone with a smile and helped the cleaning staff of the school with some of their chores, amongst other acts done at home.

The Montessori branch of the SLS, Gulraiz Campus held a special assembly at the end of their Kindness Week. The performances by the students revolved around the very theme of helping others and spreading happiness through small acts of kindness. The first performance was on Allama Iqbal’s poem “Hamdardi”, which means compassion. Two students dressed up as a Nightingale and a glow worm used their facial expressions and gestures to show that good people are those who are always ready to help others. The second act had students dressed up as animals and birds and they sang and performed on a poem about kindness towards animals and plants.

Lastly, a skit was performed by students to a story read out loud by their teacher with beautiful sound effects. The young students dressed up as the characters of the story performed very confidently and received a big round of applause from the audience.

The special assembly ended with Section Head, Tanzeela Nadeem appreciating her students and teachers efforts. She said that simple acts of kindness go a long way in spreading happiness around us.



SLS schools arrange Welcome Back Week


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School had a Welcome Back Week planned for their students after their summer holidays, says a press release.

Enjoyable welcome back activities were planned by teachers for their grade levels to have the students communicate with each other and to share stories from their summer holidays with their classmates and teachers.

The SLS Montessori and Primary branch, Civil Lines had younger students wearing wrist bands and colourful glittery crowns made by their teachers and everyone made the Pakistani flag to pin on their shirts to commemorate Independence Day. A puppet show with their the favourite cartoon character asked the students about what they did in their break and lots of smiles and giggles filled up the space as the toddlers shared their moments. A “Today’s Feeling” activity let them express their feelings on the first day of school. Some felt happy to be back while others were anxious or felt sad. Games and art activities made everyone feel better. Primary students shared their family photographs and “selfies” showing their family and the places they visited in summer break. They also penned down a few lines on it.

Later in the same week the students did some academic reinforcements by singing poems and chants to revise different concepts with flash cards. Civil Lines Section Head, Amina Shabbir said that it was very important to break the ice with younger kids when getting them back into the routine of the school year after a long and hopefully fun summer break.




SLS School holds in-house workshops


A series of 14-day in-house workshops were held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The workshops were held and attended by teachers from different campuses of SLS School as a part of the Education Improvement Programme at SLS. The workshops focused on introducing better teaching methodologies in the classrooms.

The Montessori-level workshops focused on grabbing the attention of toddlers through effective classroom strategies and making learning possible through activities. This included Story Telling, reading and writing and fun ways to strengthen the fine motor skills of toddlers.

At the primary level attention was given to creating an inclusive classroom environment and introducing and adopting teaching strategies to keep the students productive and motivated. The importance and practicality of English language skills and innovative teaching methodologies were the focus of the workshops.

Maths workshops focused on how teachers can simplify mathematical problems using trick operations and several hands-on activities to make the subject fun for all the students. The Science and Social studies workshops were about making learning easier by incorporating various techniques like learning through chants, group activities, models, role playing, puzzle games etc. A workshop on Effective Lesson Planning was also held in which all the components of a lesson plan were discussed in detail and a group activity was done by the teachers to incorporate their new learning.

Heads of secondary classes held sessions on the subject-wise needs of the students and teachers in board classes. Workshops related to the new patterns of paper setting by the Federal Board were held for all the senior teachers.

At the end of the workshops, Asiya Talha, managing director of SLS Schools, appreciated all the teachers for their constant hard work and dedication in introducing new techniques and encouraged all the attendees to become completely familiar with the new methods so that they could be implemented in an effective manner.




SLS School students win art workshop prize


Nine students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School won the prize of attending the Nukta Art Workshop in this year’s Art Beat – The Little Art’s National Child Art Competition, says a press release.

Out of over 2500 entries, Sarah Jabeen and M. Wasif from the SLS, Gulraiz campus, M. Yousaf, Khadija Imran and Unzila Muskaan Qamar from the SLS, Peshawar Road campus, Farheen Noor and Sarah Khan from the SLS, Lalkurti campus, Shammas Nasir from the SLS, Harley Street campus and Tashif Wali from the SLS, Westridge campus won the art workshop along with forty-five other students from Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Sarah Khan from grade 7, SLS, Lalkurti campus was selected for the second time in a row to attend the art workshop, winning it last year as well.

The one week art workshop was held under the guidance of Sajjad Akram, Artist and Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi.

The students started with sketching and later learnt to shift their work on different mediums. They brought their favorite toys and were taught pencil sketching, later shifting their drawings on to a canvas with oil paints. They used coloured papers to make origami art all the while playing fun games and making new friends. Sculpturing from dough had students making scenes from the city or their favorite buildings.

Managing Director, SLS Schools, Asiya Talha congratulated her students and appreciated the wonderful new art skills they had acquired.



SLS School celebrates Day of Cultural Diversity


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the International Day of Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, says a press release.

The students of SLS, New Lalazar branch prepared a special show to celebrate diversity and to show respect for each other’s religions and cultures. The purpose of the programme was to instil thoughts of living in peace and harmony despite differences. Students showed diversity in religion, music and food of different cultures of the world depicting each one of them.

The first part of the programme showcased some of the major religions of the world. A Buddhist monk, a Muslim ‘Imaam’, a Christian cleric and a Hindu pandit showed and explained their ways of worshipping. The students were able to recognise the similarities and differences in the beliefs and worshipping.

The second part of the program brought in the universal uniting force – music. Students in fully decked costumes showed cultural dances of Egypt, China and the USA. The students learnt about the origins of the music and its accompanying dance.

A group of students with traditional dragon masks performed the famous Duanwu (Chinese Dragon Boat festival) dance. Dressed up in bright shades of yellow and red, they took a round of the school like a traditional festival boat. The beauty of the performance was accentuated when the American, Egyptian and Pakistani performers joined the festival being showcased showing the true meaning of representing a mixture of diverse cultures.

The third and last part of the programme was on the diversity and love of food. A small food tasting corner gave students and guests the chance to taste different countries cuisines. A student dressed up as a chef talked about the key ingredients of some very famous dishes eaten around the world. Through this beautiful mix of religions, music and food, students were made to realise how diversity is not about differing from one another but about embracing one another’s uniqueness.

At the end of the programme, Section Head Saira Noor said that the only way to spread peace and tolerance was to embrace and celebrate our differences.



SLS School observes Cleanliness and Hygiene Week


Students of all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School observed Cleanliness and Hygiene Week, says a press release.

Montessori to grade 3 students prepared special morning assemblies and did various activities to demonstrate concepts of cleanliness and hygiene.

SLS Montessori, Peshawar Road branch, held a special assembly to emphasise the importance of cleanliness. Students performed a skit showing why it is bad to throw wrappers on the ground. “Bits of paper on the floor make the whole place untidy!” the little students chanted and then proceeded to pick up all the wrappers and throw them in the trash can. A ‘mystery bag’ had everyone’s attention. Students from the audience eagerly participated in getting blindfolded to guess which tools of personal hygiene the mystery bag contained.

Happy and colourful poem presentations on the topic sung by the participants and joined in by the audience were the highlights of the assembly.

SLS, Hali Road Montessori students did a hand-washing exercise to learn the correct way of washing their hands.

A fun guessing game had the students identifying the tool of personal hygiene and matching it with the correct body part. Skits and poems were performed emphasising the effects of littering the environment and not keeping oneself clean. Quotations and short sentences about cleanliness and hygiene were shared by the students driving home the message of the day that a clean home is a happy home and that cleanliness is half of faith.



Ethics and Value Education Week celebrated


Ethics and Values Education Week was held in all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

The week, which is input every year in the annual forecast of the school calendar, serves the purpose of inculcating good manners and moral values in the students. Special activities and assemblies are planned from Montessori classes to grade 5.

SLS, Faisal Alvi road branch held a special event with students performing short acts to highlight basic good manners and good ethics. Students spoke to their class fellows about what constitutes good manners and good ethics and why they’re important. The first act was by grade 2 students on being a source of happiness for others by extending help. The skit depicted an old lady unable to cross the road and while some students standing on the road made fun of her, others told them to be kind and helped her. Other skits by grades 1 and 4 exemplified politeness, sharing, honesty, equality, patriotism and patience.

The next performance was a beautiful poem sung by grade 3 students on what it means to respect others. Colourful props and head gears added colour to the beautiful lyrical poem.

Grade 5 students delivered a very strong message on child labour and society’s attitude towards maids and servants. The skit showcased our dependence on help but our disregard towards them as people just like us who have certain needs or desires.

The audience of students talked about what they had learned about small acts of kindness. Section head, Ume-Salma asked for a big round of applause for her students and teachers for sharing such important messages in such an effectual way.



SLS School holds Table Tennis Tournament


A four-day intra-campus Table Tennis tournament was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

This year’s event was hosted by senior branch at Harley Street and the Islamabad Campus. Jawad Latif Bhatti, director sports, District Jehlum was the guest of honour to witness the final matches on the fourth day. A total of 336 students participated in the tournament out of which 164 were boys and 172 were girl participants. A total of 140 matches were played by the students, each match played with enthusiasm.

There were two categories. Fifth graders played in the primary category and grades 6 to 9 played in the secondary category. The first three days of the event witnessed the qualifying matches and semi-finals from both the pools before the final matches were played on the fourth day. All the participants played with great zeal with their supporters applauding and cheering throughout.

In the primary category, Peshawar Road primary branch stood first with 18 points after giving a tough time to the other teams. Tufail Road branch stood second with 5 points on the points table. In the secondary category, the Islamabad campus kept its last year record intact and won the Champions Trophy by scoring 32 points. The second position on the points table was taken by the Tufail Road branch with a total of 23 points. An appreciation trophy was given to the Tufail Road branch on the basis of scoring equal positive points as that of the winning team of the Islamabad campus.

In the primary category Muhammad Ali Khan of Peshawar Road primary branch and Mahnoor Akram of Tufail Road branch won the Best Player of the Tournament Trophy (Singles), Salaar Mujahid and Muhammad Faiq Sultan of Peshawar Road primary branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (boys) and Unzeela Jamil and Zayna Noor also from Peshawar Road primary branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (girls). In the secondary category Shammas Nasir of Harley Street senior branch and Hamza Ahmed of Satellite Town senior branch both won the Best Player of the Tournament Trophy (boys singles). Neha Naeem of Tufail Road branch won the Best Player of the Tournament Trophy (girls). In the doubles category, Shazil Bin Shahzad and Muhammad Taimoor Shah of Peshawar Road senior branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (boys) whereas Haya Khurshid and Dua Ahmed won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (girls).




Earth Day celebrated


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated International Mother Earth Day, says a press release. The United Nations declared April 22 as Earth Day in the 1992 Rio Declaration.

Students of SLS, Lalazar Junior section celebrated this day with a special event inviting all the parents as their guests. Managing Director, SLS Schools, Asiya Talha was the guest of honour.

Pollution and deforestation were the pivotal areas that the students focused on in educating their audience as the theme for Earth Day 2017 was ‘Environmental and Climate Literacy.’ The first presentation was about the plant kingdom and its phyla (divisions). Starting with the most primitive plant, algae, an introduction was given in the form of a story with a message to plant more trees and diversify the plant kingdom for a greener environment. The next performance was on how forests are the lungs of our lands and students shared statistical information about the forests in Pakistan.

A dialogue between a tree and human being was presented by two students. A student dressed as a damaged, choked and hungry tree delivered a sad and thoughtful message to the audience giving the reasons for its state, the discharge of dangerous gasses from vehicles and air conditioners being two of them. Students performed dances and tableaus on multiple earth day songs invoking feelings of empathy and the last part of the programme was a comparison between the earth of the 1970’s and the earth of 2017. Two students represented both earths, the 1970s one a relatively clean and healthy earth and the 2017 one a very polluted and unhealthy earth.