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Montessori Theme Display at SLS

Rawalpindi: Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Lalazar Campus, organised a Montessori theme display, says a press release.

Over 2000 parents were invited as guests who visited all the beautifully decorated classrooms. The Junior Montessori classrooms had separate themes based on poems. Ranging from hunters prowling through a jungle, sea creatures in an underwater world; a colourful representation of the four seasons especially the winter season complete with a snowman and snowflakes to a garden themed class where the flowers sang, while the bees buzzed and the birds chirped; it was indeed a sight to behold.

The Senior Montessori classes looked like miniature film sets where the students acted on their favourite bedtime stories. Deeply immersed in their characters all the students showed off their acting skills and mesmerized the audience. The little red riding hood in her shiny red costume fighting with the wolf, Snow Queen Elsa’s adventure to break her icy spell, the hungry caterpillar eating its food and the busy bumble bee, every classroom had a different story to tell. Their perfect little costumes, background music and dialogues had the audience under a spell.

The Advanced Montessori students were no less. They displayed life under the sea along with students dressed as bees, bugs and butterflies found in a garden and birds and animals in their respective habitats. Students dressed as birds and animals introduced themselves and shared with the audience some information about them as well. The scary bat and spider cave was loved by everyone. The specially designed bat costumes grabbed everyone’s attention as the students showed them off while they echolocated their prey. Moving forward the guests witnessed life under the sea with a huge octopus which had its arms spread around it, a student disguised as a starfish which had attached itself to a rock and other students as whales, sharks and sea horses.

The grand theme display was appreciated by all the guests. The colourful activities continued till late in the afternoon followed by a funfair where everyone enjoyed the food, played games and clapped to the amazing tricks of the magician at the magic show.

Open Day held at SLS

Rawalpindi: An open day was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, New Lalazar branch, says a press release.

Attended by all the parents as guests the Montessori and Primary students put up an amazing event in which various themes were displayed followed by a funfair. The program started with the arrival of chief guest Mrs. Bilquis Salam, an individual social worker. The guest was welcomed by the students with a stage performance and a very upbeat jungle themed dance performance. Dancing and clapping the students guided the guests towards the Montessori section of the school.

The Montessori classes looked colorful completely relating to their respective themes. From students dressed up as little birdies chirping in their nests to sharks, starfishes and octopuses depicting sea life, each classroom told a different story. The Junior Montessori students were dressed up as numbers whereas the Senior Montessori students walked around presenting costumes worn in different countries all across the globe. The poems and chants added color to the presentations as the guests clapped and sang along with the students, praising them.

Walking towards the primary section the guests were greeted by tour guides who took them on a tour into classrooms modeled as different countries like Australia, England, Turkey, Japan and Italy. Stepping into each classroom guests were received by students wearing traditional attires explaining the music, food, culture, religion and festivals of that particular country. The chief guest, Mrs. Salam being the resident of UK was delighted to see “England” themed classroom when a group of students dressed up as members of the royal family welcomed her. She appreciated the students and added to their knowledge by sharing interesting facts about the country. The highlight of the event were the cultural dances of each country the impact of which were enhanced through specially designed cultural dresses.

Managing Director SLS Schools, Asiya Talha thanked the chief guest and appreciated the students and teachers for such a tremendous show. The day ended on a happy note in the afternoon with a Funfair for all.



Talent Week held at SLS

Islamabad: All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School recently held ‘Talent Week’, says a press release.

A talent show was organised by Peshawar Road Primary Branch to boost the self-esteem and confidence of the students and to identify their hidden talents and abilities. The Talent Show comprised of several presentations by the students in different categories like ‘Qirat’, ‘Naat’, debates, drama, poetry, mimicry & singing.

The show formally started with the students showing off their talent in ‘Naat’ and ‘Qirat’ category. Worthy praises filled the ground and warmed the hearts as the students came on the stage one by one. Next up came some very enthusiastic speakers who debated on various topics. With their strong body language and logical stances against and in favour of the topics they delivered their point of view across the audience and received a thunderous round of applause. To keep the mood of the programme light and cheerful some students presented skits in which they impersonated various renowned personalities of our country.

In the second half of the programme girls of Peshawar Road Primary Branch presented a tableau on a national song representing the culture of the country through music and cultural dresses. Dramatic skills were also displayed by the students through a silent skit with a very important message of unity and religious tolerance. To show off their creative abilities in poetry writing, some students recited poems which they had written themselves. Break dance and singing presentations were also a part of the Talent Show. Singing and dancing on various up beat tunes, was a category that everyone enjoyed a lot. The talent show ended with a humorous poetry narrating presentation which had all the parents and the students laughing and cheering.

Section Head, Madeeha Umer encouraged all the participants for displaying their talents. She also appreciated the teachers for arranging a successful programme which gave a platform to the students to explore their talents and skills.



Effective teaching workshop

Rawalpindi: A two-day training session on Effective Teaching and Learning was held recently at SLS Montessori & High School, says a press release.

The session moderator was Tayyaba Aquil, CEO of Beyond Knowledge and an eminent education consultant with over 20 years of experience in the education sector. All principals, section heads and Montessori directresses attended the session along with some personnel from the SLS Head Office who are a part of curriculum development and policy implementation.

The two day session started off by identifying what makes an effective teacher and ended by discussing how to ensure that children remain good learners. Group and individual discussions and presentations were held which enhanced the learning curve for all participants. The Heads and coordinators present in the session participated wholeheartedly in all the tasks assigned to them and these tasks essentially conveyed the message of each session very effectively. Through various scenarios presented in videos and role enactments; participants were asked to question their reactions and if/how they needed to modify them to cater to their students.

The second day of the session helped the participants to identify the traits which help children become good learners and what kind methodologies could be implemented to ensure this. The workshop ended with a simple but happy certification ceremony. SLS Schools Managing Director Asiya Talha thanked Tayyaba Aquil for sharing her experiences and knowledge.



SLS School celebrates ‘World as a Global Village’

Rawalpindi: All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School are celebrating ‘World as a Global Village’ as the theme for their on-going term. Following this theme SLS Tufail Road Branch recently held an Information Fair in which they highlighted a wide array of cultural traditions, food, performances and music from around the globe, says a press release.

The purpose of the information fair was to make the students aware of the rapid globalisation and its effects on our everyday life style. Multiple display corners were decorated by each grade level and the school ground looked like a small global village. The primary & secondary students displayed as well as presented projects related to sports, art, culture, style, food and music to show that how a simple melody, a mouth-watering cuisine or a festival celebrated anywhere across the globe aims towards a peaceful global community.

The primary students focused on the global aspects of food, sports and festivals. The display corners were seen to be packed with visitors as the students confidently explained in detail about various food chains being run across the globe and the diverse range of sports played in different parts of the world and how they are contributing towards globalization. A display corner show casing various festivals celebrated across the globe was loved by everyone. One by one the students shared information about the origin and religious associations of festivals like Eid, Halloween, Christmas, The Dragon Festival and Basant.

The secondary students emphasized on the global aspect of media and music. Students of grade 7 and grade 8 described the importance of social media in connecting people all across the globe and the role of music in bringing people closer through melodies respectively. The highlight of the Information Fair was the colourful and stylish ‘Global Bridal Couture’ pageant in which the girls of grade 9th and 10th dressed up as brides from across the globe. One by one they walked up the stage and very elegantly presented the versatility of styles adopted and shared by the women across the globe in terms of fashion.

The special event was appreciated by the parents and students as they enjoyed food served at the food stalls. Managing Director SLS Schools Asiya Talha appreciated the Section Head Samina Zeeshan along with the staff and students and said that all across the globe people adapt to things that are not necessarily a part of their own country. This dependency is not restricted to commodities but it encompasses food, clothing, culture, economy and lifestyle. Therefore the need to understand that we are living in a highly connected globe has become urgent.



SLS marks ‘Creativity and Innovation Week’

Rawalpindi: All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated Creativity and Innovation Week, says a press release.

The week-long affair enabled students to do something entirely on their own or in groups by using their own ideas and imagination.

The Harley Street Montessori branch students made small DIY projects and other activities, which they later presented in front of their class fellows and parents.

The Junior and Senior Montessori students set up outside in the school playground displaying their class projects. The colour-mixing activity had every one excited as a group of Junior Montessori students gave a presentation on mixing primary colours to form secondary colours. Students used old shoe boxes, plastic bottles and ice-cream sticks to make money boxes, flower pots and photo frames with the help of their teachers showing the fun and practicality of recycling. A corner of the school was made into a small winter wonderland by students who had utilized items of everyday use to make snowmen, snowballs and snowflakes.

The Advanced Montessori students gave step-wise presentations on their DIY projects. The “how to make a party popper with empty tissue paper roll” and “how to make quick eatable items with jam, cake rusk and dry fruits” presentations were a big hit with everyone. Grade 1 students made a project on Rainforests. They shared facts about animals and birds found in rainforests. They had also made a Sea Life display with paper plates.

Section Head, Humaira Zaidi appreciated her team of teachers and students for the wonderful event.



Peace through art

Rawalpindi: Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Lalazar Senior Section conducted a special programme on Peace Through Art, says a press release.

Ideas of world peace were portrayed through different performances. Students narrated speeches and read beautiful poems emphasising the need to minimise violence. They shared ideas on advocating pacifism through finding common goals of peace and sustainability.

A group of students dressed up as followers of different faiths around the globe presented a tableau on acceptance of all religions. It was a beautiful sight to see the idea of Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and others singing in the hopes of brotherhood and harmony.

To show how differences in everyone’s unique cultures can be a way of appreciation and inclusion as opposed to differences, groups of Citizens of the World clad in their vibrant national dresses rejoiced together on rhythmic tunes. The Turkish Sufis swirled, the jubilant Punjabis danced on Bhangra, the Polish and Germans performed their traditional dances to form beautiful group formations, the Chinese group danced gracefully in their bright costumes, and Kashmiris also danced on their soft music.

The second last part of the performance had girls and boys dressed up in white lighting up candles on the song ‘Light a Candle for Peace’. The final performance of the day was on a beautiful song sung by two students with a guitar also emphasising the choice of the path that leads to peace.

Thanking the audience and appreciating the students Section Head, Farah Badar said that religion was one important factor in bringing people closer to one another, culture being the other. She said that when people start embracing each other’s differences along with the similarities, peace was bound to prevail.



SLS School holds Badminton Tournament

Rawalpindi :A four-day Inter-Campus Badminton Tournament was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

Syed Shabbar Hussain, international badminton player and six times national champion and gold medallist was the chief guest to witness the final matches and to distribute prizes among the winners. The final matches of the annually held badminton tournament were hosted by SLS, Senior Section Lalazar and SLS, Islamabad Campus.

The Lalazar Senior Campus took the Champions Trophy in Secondary Category by scoring +35 points on the points table and Satellite Town Senior Branch stood second with +20 points. In the Primary category Peshawar Road Primary Branch took the Champions Trophy with +10 points and the 37 Tulsa Road branch and Islamabad Branch stood second with +5 points each on the points table. The tournament was held at the Primary and Secondary level with a total of 384 students competing in the singles and doubles category. A total of 192 matches were played between class V students who play separately in the primary category and class VI – X playing in the secondary category.

The first three days witnessed the elimination matches and the semi-finals, and the finals were played on the fourth day with all the participants showing their best game and their class fellows and supporters cheering on their team mates. The chief guest appreciated the students for playing well and congratulated the winners on their success. Best player awards were also awarded in both categories. In the primary category, Shahzaib Aslam of Peshawar Road Primary branch and Umaima Irfan of the Islamabad campus won the best players of the Tournament trophy (singles). Ayesha Shahzad and Uzaira Shams of Peshawar Road Primary branch and Ali Irtiza and Sharjeel Butt of 37-Tulsa Road won the best players of the tournament trophy doubles in the girls and boys category respectively.

At the secondary level Ahsan Afzal Mir of Senior Branch, Lalazar and Sara Yasir of Senior Section Satellite Town won the best players of the Tournament trophy (singles). In the girls doubles category the best players of the Tournament trophy was won by Narmeen Raza and Syeda Zahra Naqvi of Senior Section, Satellite Town branch and in the boys it was won by Murtaza Kamal Durrani and Muhammad Haseeb of the Islamabad campus.



SLS School holds quiz contest


All senior campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School participated in an intra-SLS General Knowledge Quiz Competition, says a press release.

Teachers and students from the senior campuses showed up in order to support their respective teams at the Harley Street Senior branch that was hosting the event. The chief guests were educationalists Tehmina Malik and Asma Bakhtiar.

The nail biting competition comprised of five rounds. The first half of the competition constituted of Mutual Discussion rounds in which the team leader answered the questions after discussion with the team members. It was followed by Individual Visual round in which every student had to answer the questions individually after watching a video clip. A break in the form of a dance performance by the students of Senior Section Lalazar Branch brought the cultural tunes of Poland, Germany and China on stage fully decked with costumes and accessories.

The second half of the quiz completion constituted of the Buzzer Round and a Rapid Fire Round, the latter being the most entertaining with students having to answer maximum questions in sixty seconds. Applause and cheers from the audience kept everyone in a friendly-competitive mood. Before the announcement of results a group of students from the Islamabad branch sang heart-tugging songs on friendship.

Senior Section Lalazar bagged the trophy for the first position after scoring 140 points and Tufail Road branch stood second with 135 points on the points table. Managing Director, SLS Schools, Asiya Talha congratulated all the participating teams on their performance and the host branch for organising everything so well.

SLS Schools celebrate Day of Older Persons


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated International Day of Older Persons, says a press release.

The International Day of Older Persons is celebrated in October of each year. The SLS, Lalazar Montessori Section celebrated this day keeping in mind this year’s theme by the United Nations of focusing on the “pathways that support full and effective participation in old age”.

Primary students presented various skits and performed on poems through the week to demonstrate the need of love and care towards older persons, their rights and how we should take care of their feelings. A special event for the grandmothers of Senior Montessori students was organised. Students came on stage one by one and narrated beautiful one liners to express their love for their grandmothers. Then students and grandmothers were invited to fun-filled activities that they could do together. The school backyard was decorated beautifully. Different games like musical chairs, passing the cushion and pin the tail were played. A ‘Grandma Touch Test’ game had students blindfolded and they had to identify their grandmother by touch in a group of grandmothers. The students made hand impressions of themselves and their grandmothers on a piece of paper and took them home as a keepsake for the years to come. A “selfie-session” and story time by grandmothers made for a great end to a great day. Hugs shared by the grandmothers and grandchildren made everyone in the school emotional as Section Head, Attiya Nadeem thanked all the grandmothers for coming.