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Annual sports day held at SLS

Rawalpindi : Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Islamabad Montessori Branch celebrated their Annual Sports Day held at Islamabad Sports Complex with great enthusiasm, says a press release.

Approximately 450+ students participated in this fun-filled event following the theme ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. The sports day began with the Branch Head Mrs. Fariha Khalil welcoming the esteemed gathering emphasizing on the importance of sports in a child’s life. Chief guests which included Saad Khalid, Founder and Coach Infinite Football Club, Myra Ahmed, player Islamabad Football Team, Ghausia Balkhi, Cambridge certified ESL Instructor and Zohra Tahir, Physical Education Trainer at TNG School, Qatar were invited as guests to witness and appreciate the colorful event.

The guests along with the Managing Director SLS Schools, Mrs. Asiya Talha were greeted with a lovely Welcome Song which was performed by a group of cheerleaders holding pom-poms wearing colorful dresses. The energizing welcome performance set the tone for the rest of the event. The sports ground was filled with claps and applause as the participants carried a March Past across the ground. The yoga demonstration comprised of deep breathing and synchronized rhythmic movements displaying lotus pose and bow pose with peace and concentration.

The sequence of races started off with Junior and Senior Montessori classes. Dressed up in their theme based Oompa Loompa’s inspired dungarees, the contestants stood up in their respective positions and waited for the whistle to blow. From ‘Burst the balloon’ race to ‘Eating a Banana’ race, hurdle race and fill the basket race there was something for every student to participate in. Tug-of-war between different teams added to the fun. The little ones also displayed a well-coordinated PT performance mesmerizing the audience with their perfect alignment while moving to the beat of the drum.

Advanced Montessori races were no less; all the races be it ‘hop race’, ‘relay race’, ‘completing the puzzle’ race or the three legged race, the students performed with utmost enthusiasm and vigor. An exhilarating Zumba and football performance given by little stars of Montessori had the audience in awe as the day came to an end.

The event was concluded with a prize distribution ceremony as the winners were awarded with trophies by the guests. The Managing Director, Mrs. Asiya Talha and respected Chief Guests summed up the event by their kind words and tons of encouragement. They highly praised the efforts of the students and staff that organised the event in a very systematic way.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/610683-annual-sports-day-held-at-sls

Community Spirit Week marked at SLS

Rawalpindi : All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High school, celebrated Community Spirit Week with great enthusiasm, says a press release. SLS Montessori and High school Harley Street Junior Branch also held a special morning assembly in this regard.

The morning assembly started off with the morning prayer followed by skits and several short performances and presentations about Community Spirit; its importance and effects on society. One by one students of different grade levels came on the stage and gave short messages on Community Spirit with the help of placards emphasizing on the fact that how small acts done by individuals play an important role in building an effective community and shaping a strong quality of life.

Students dressed up nicely as different professionals told about their occupations which included lawyers, plumbers, postmen, teachers, firefighters, doctors, painter and policemen. The learning outcome of this presentation was the importance of each and every person in the society and the role played by them in serving the community. Next up a skit was performed depicting a street scenario in which a street child picking up garbage is bullied by other children for cleaning the street. The skit was presented in order to convey a message that no profession is big or small it is the change that it brings within the community that matters.

The last part of the assembly had grade 4 students delivering short speeches on Community Services and volunteer work encouraging their fellow students to work for the betterment of their community. The special program ended with a thank you note as the students gave handmade thank you cards, flowers and sweets to the helping staff of the school and made them feel admired for their contributions as an important part of the community.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/426627-community-spirit-week-marked-at-sls