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Book reading week held at SLS


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, celebrated Book Reading Week, says a press release.

The Satellite Town Montessori branch held several activities throughout the week encouraging the students to read. The buzz and excitement to read something new was witnessed among the students as they came everyday looking forward to a new activity planned by their teachers.

The Montessori students owing to their grade level did activities assisted by their teachers. The activities for the little tots of Senior Montessori were defined to the level of three and four letter words. Reading of books was done with the assistance of the teacher and later the students identified the vowels, matched the pictures with vocabulary words and discussed with their teacher about their favourite character from the readers. The Advanced Montessori students presented their acting skills as they first read small passages from the book and later acted on it. The perfect little props and the expressions of the students combined together with the giggles of their fellow friends made the story time even more fun.

The students of grade 1, 2 and 3 were no less and participated actively. Crossword puzzles were solved in the classrooms in groups while some students decided to solve them individually. Books were read by the students with much enthusiasm and the book reading was followed by poster making and review writing. Colourful posters were made by the students using different mediums. Some made posters of their favourite character from the book while some painted out a scene from the story. The writing skills of the students along with the reading skills were also focused upon. Short reviews were written by the students as they read different books, sharing their views from different angles and sharing with everyone about what they learnt from it.

The Book Reading Week ended with a special assembly when a dramatic display on the book and movie ‘The Lion King’ was presented. The audience cheered with excitement as the soundtrack was played and the presenters started coming on the stage one by one wearing masks and costumes. Section Head, Anila Usman appreciated the students and teachers for a well celebrated week and shared with them about the super powers that one gets through reading, imagination being the greatest of all.

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Annual talent show held at SLS


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School recently held Talent Acquisition Day, says a press release.

An annual talent show was organised by Peshawar Road Primary Branch with the objective to encourage the students to show off their talents. Prof. Raana Qazi, a renowned educationist was invited as the chief guest to be a part of the day and to come and see the students displaying their talents.

The programme formally began when the Section Head Madeeha Umer gave a welcome address and handed over the mic to the students. The students started to show their talents in the ‘Naat’ and ‘Qirat’ category first. Dressed up in white the students very modestly performed on the stage and warmed the hearts with praises for Allah. The program took a very colourful turn when a group of students came on the stage to show their abilities in ‘Origami Art’. Their dresses designed in 3D pattern and made out of recycled newspapers had the attention of the audience as they displayed their art works.

Owing to the interest shown by the students in the performing arts category multiple acts, dramatic displays, singing and dancing performances were staged. A beautiful adaptation of the famous poem ‘Aik Makra aur Makhi’ by Allama Iqbal was presented by the primary students. The students not only sung the poem but also performed side by side, their costumes and props adding colour to the performance. Multiple dance performances were also presented as the program continued. Break Dance performed by the students on catchy tunes lifted the mood of the audience as they cheered and clapped along. To gather the attention of the audience the performances were made relatable with respect to the everyday trends. Girls showing interest in hairstyling show cased their abilities through a ‘YouTube Tutorial’ hosted and presented by the students themselves on the stage, revamping the idea of YouTube tutorials. Students also showed their talents through a magic show. Using several tricks facilitated by colourful props the little magicians gave a stellar performance.

Everyone enjoys singing, be it bathroom singing or singing on the sage in front of an audience. The young singers of Peshawar Road Primary Branch had the audience in awe as they sung a beautiful piece of Sufi poetry. The whirling dervishes at the back of the stage in their tombstone-like felt hats and billowing white robes fascinated the audience who gave a huge round of applause as the performance ended.

The talent show came to an end when a dramatic display based on incidents and events picked up from the life history of famous Urdu and Persian poet ‘Mirza Ghalib’ was presented. Dialogues delivered by the students with perfect intonation, costumes that took everyone back to the old times and poetry that reminded everyone of the grandeur of Urdu language; the dramatic performance had everyone enchanted by its completeness.

Section Head, Madeeha Umer thanked the chief guest and the worthy parents for attending the show. Special words of encouragement and appreciation were spoken for all the participants for displaying their talents and for the teachers for arranging a successful programme which gave a platform to the students to explore their talents and skills.

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Students celebrate ‘Kindness Week’


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated kindness week through series of activities held throughout the week, says a press release.

The activities were planned by the teachers keeping in mind the age levels of the students. Skits and poems were presented in front of the Montessori students to introduce the concept of kindness to them. The primary students shared with their teachers and class fellows ‘small acts of kindness’ that can go a long way in spreading happiness while the senior students made charity boxes and collected donations in the form of toys, clothes and books to help the underprivileged.

The senior branch of the SLS, Range Road Campus held a special assembly in this regard, as the week came to an end. The students threw light on this topic by performing short skits. Sharing your belongings, helping the needy, caring for the elders and the young ones, feeding stray animals and taking care of plants were some of the messages that were delivered through the skits. The performance of the students was praise worthy and was appreciated by the audience with loud claps. The skit was followed by a small poem written and sung by the students themselves enforcing the same message of being kind every day. The actions and smiling faces of the performers added a cheerful vibe to the poem performance which was enjoyed by all.

Pep talks were given to the students throughout the week about sacrificing their wants for other’s needs, speaking kind words and especially on being thoughtful and considerate towards others. The students made charity boxes and collected money to help the underprivileged. They also collected books, toys and other items of everyday use and gifted them to the junior staff of their school. The activity ended on a very happy note with lots of smiling faces around.

Section Head, Mrs. Atiqa Dar appreciated the teachers and students on a well presented assembly. She also addressed the students and reminded them not only to be kind to human beings but to animals and plants as well.

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