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Montessori themes display held at SLS

Rawalpindi :Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Montessori Section Lalazar recently held a display of Montessori themes, says a press release.

The display exhibited different themes taught to the students of Montessori classes in order to appreciate the hands-on activities and art and craft work done by the students following different themes. Everything was perfectly portrayed and demonstrated by the students. Parents were invited as guests who attended the wonderful show put up by the students of Advanced, Senior and Junior Montessori who performed on different activities respective of the themes, which were being highlighted. The classrooms beautification was extremely engaging which added to the magnificence of the campus.

The theme followed by the students of Junior Montessori was ‘Shapes’. The theme consisted of all the hands-on activities, games and presentations related to it. The students were dressed up as different types of shapes, which made it easier to distinguish one shape from the other and fascinating to watch for everyone. Students performed live activities, be it placing shapes in the right frame or making shapes with play dough. The dice game and jigsaw puzzle was eye catching and had a great impact on everyone.

Senior Montessori students were seen displaying the theme ‘Farm Animals’. Few students introduced themselves as various dairy products that one can get from farm animals while the others enacted as farm animals, which included ducks, sheep, horses, cows and hens. Each farm animal portrayed and explained the necessities these animals require and those that they provide too. The students in their endearing costumes appealed the visitors. The confidence was showering from everywhere and the student’s enthusiasm made the performances even more exciting and breathtaking.

Moving towards the end, Advance Montessori students also had a wide range of activities and amazing performances lined up. The theme they presented was ‘Plants’. The introduction comprised of the little ones presenting the process of how to plant a tree, starting from planting a seed to how it grows into a tree.

The beautiful costumes and rhythmic moves of the little girls was a sight to behold. Hands-on activities by the students continued alongside the performances, which included making flowers with pasta and creating tulips with fork painting.

Principal, Attiya Nadeem praised the efforts of students and teachers on assembling such a delightful theme display. The day came to an end when everyone headed towards the food stalls for refreshment.

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Talent display by students at SLS

Rawalpindi :Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town Senior Branch organized a Talent Show to encourage the children to come forward and show their talents, says a press release.

Guests were invited to witness and acknowledge the portrayal of talents presented by the young fellows. The main reason behind arranging these kind of events is to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students and remove stage fright, which also helps in personality development. All the students participated enthusiastically and came forward confidently to display their skills.

The Talent Show started off with an entertaining song performance in which the students showcased their rhythmic and engaging dance moves. It was followed by a skit called ‘The Necklace’. The performance depicted that deception is often a mistake, which has bad results for the deceiver. It was dramatic, purposeful and the students displayed each character stupendously. Students sang National songs in their soulful and charismatic voices that made the audience cheer and sing along with the tuneful melodies. The applause was deep and long after each performance.

When it comes to magic, it is said to be best for entertainment, education and engagement. The students performed several tricks on stage, which left the viewers astonished and mesmerized. Borrowing things from the spectators and making them disappear was another feature that impressed everyone. Everyone kept guessing as to how the tricks worked. All of them could not stop clapping as the magicians unfolded their magic tricks one by one.

A silent act was performed by the students highlighting the fact that excess use of mobile phones is decaying our moral and ethical values. Different situations were exhibited in which the reality of this theme was pictured. It was showcased in such an awe-inspiring way that this performance got a standing ovation from the audience, especially from the parents.

Towards the end of the ceremony, a humorous Urdu Skit was performed by the students on Judiciary System. It was funny, entertaining and thought provoking at the same time. The characters were amusing and the appropriate punch lines and amazing dialogues were enjoyed by everyone.

The Managing Director, Mrs. Asiya Talha congratulated the Section Head, Adeela Rehman for such an amazing event and praised the students for their skills and the teachers for helping the students polish their abilities through this Talent Show.

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Science fair held at SLS

Rawalpindi:Students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Zaraj Campus recently held a Science Fair displaying several static and working projects explaining various scientific phenomenon’s, says a press release.

The primary students presented several experiments on everyday scientific phenomena’s. Experiments like floating and sinking of objects, travelling and bending of light, formation of shadows, density of different objects, change of color in flower petals through capillary action and many more were performed by the students. A group of students made a miniature water dispenser by using a water bottle. The students had the audience in awe as they explained the science behind the working of the dispenser by maintaining the water pressure as they opened and closed the cap of the bottle. A handy water filtration plant was also seen in one of the classrooms which was designed by working on the idea taken from the presence of underground water resources and the filtration of water by passing through different layers of soil.

The secondary students were no less and participated enthusiastically. Grade 6 students participated in the egg drop activity. Carefully designed apparatuses made out of different materials each group tried their best to keep the egg safe. The school ground was filled with cheering and applause for all the participants as the apparatuses carrying the eggs inside were dropped from the fourth floor of the school building. Students of grade 7 were assigned a group task of doing research on different topics.

The last part of the program was the exciting ‘Marshmallow Tower Competition’. Held between different groups of grade 8 students, towers were made by using marshmallows and toothpicks. Following the time limit of 10 minutes the students built the towers, each group following a different strategy to keep their tower stable and increase in height simultaneously. The excitement and the cheering of the crowd increased as the countdown began in the last 10 seconds. Winners were announced after measurements of the towers were taken and were also asked to share their experience with the audience in the form of a victory speech.

The science fair came to an end as Managing Director, SLS Schools, Mrs. Asiya Talha shared words of encouragement as she acknowledged the efforts of the staff members and students who with their collective effort made the event successful.

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Tolerance Day celebrated at SLS

Rawalpindi :All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated International Day of Tolerance, says a press release.

Students of SLS, Harley Street Junior Branch celebrated the day through various activities followed by a special morning assembly promoting the idea of showing tolerance towards each other and dealing with difficult situations without losing patience.

The morning assembly started with a brief introduction of the day when one of the student highlighted the reason behind celebrating the day and its prime importance towards promoting peace and harmony amongst the members of society. Different themes related to the topic were touched upon by the students as they shared quotations by some famous people.

To sensitize the students regarding the topic pep talks were held during their Values Education period. Taking examples from everyday experiences the students were taught to practice patience and tolerance and to embrace differences and celebrate them in order to create harmony. The same idea was presented in the morning assembly through a problem solving wheel displayed on a standing board. The junior students came up on the stage one by one and gave a step wise presentation describing different ways presented on the wheel on how to deal with difficult situations without being intolerant. Emphasis was put on small acts such as apologizing, accepting and talking it out in order to handle such situations.

The special morning assembly was beautifully summed up with a delightful and engaging poem performance promoting the act of tolerance as a form of showing ones love and care for those who are around us. The wonderful performers had the audience smiling who clapped and thoroughly enjoyed the poem. Section Head, Mehwish Resham appreciated her students as she delivered the thought of the day about letting go as tolerance is all about having a big heart.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/569063-tolerance-day-celebrated-at-sls

SLS Students say No to Plastic


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, New Lalazar Branch held a special programme on creating awareness about the harmful effects of plastic use, says a press release.

The Montessori and Junior students of New Lalazar Branch gathered in the school ground on a fine sunny morning where some of their class fellows gave small presentations explaining the topic of the day. Corners were made where projects were displayed depicting scenarios highlighting the harmful effects of plastic use.

Moving in groups made by the teachers class wise, the students started visiting the display corners. The first display corner depicted the sad situation of mother earth where not only humans but land and water animals were also at risk due to the regular disposal of plastic bags and other goods made out of plastic. A student dressed up as plastic monster started circling the display corner chanting loudly how it was affecting the earth. A full description of harmful effects of plastic was given to the audience, the students in return asked questions from the presenters who answered with great enthusiasm and confidence. The next display corner depicted the happy face of earth. Full of greenery and devoid of plastic waste, the students were able to draw comparison between both the scenarios.

The next display corner had the students of Montessori classes dressed up as marine life specifically addressing the menace of plastic disposal into the oceans. Totally engrossed in their characters their sad faces expressed the worrisome condition of marine life owing to the constant disposal of plastics into the oceans, leading towards the destruction of their habitat; hence putting a lot of species in danger.

The discussions among the students in the audience expressed great concern towards the situation. Different alternatives were shared by the students to reduce the use of plastic. The idea of recycling was greatly stressed upon as the teachers showed the students some handicrafts made out of paper. Fancy paper bags were loved by the students and the teachers successfully motivated them to use paper bags instead of plastic bags. Section Head, Saira Noor addressed her students and teachers and together everyone made a promise to ‘Say No to Plastic!

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/543628-sls-students-say-no-to-plastic

Book reading week held at SLS


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, celebrated Book Reading Week, says a press release.

The Satellite Town Montessori branch held several activities throughout the week encouraging the students to read. The buzz and excitement to read something new was witnessed among the students as they came everyday looking forward to a new activity planned by their teachers.

The Montessori students owing to their grade level did activities assisted by their teachers. The activities for the little tots of Senior Montessori were defined to the level of three and four letter words. Reading of books was done with the assistance of the teacher and later the students identified the vowels, matched the pictures with vocabulary words and discussed with their teacher about their favourite character from the readers. The Advanced Montessori students presented their acting skills as they first read small passages from the book and later acted on it. The perfect little props and the expressions of the students combined together with the giggles of their fellow friends made the story time even more fun.

The students of grade 1, 2 and 3 were no less and participated actively. Crossword puzzles were solved in the classrooms in groups while some students decided to solve them individually. Books were read by the students with much enthusiasm and the book reading was followed by poster making and review writing. Colourful posters were made by the students using different mediums. Some made posters of their favourite character from the book while some painted out a scene from the story. The writing skills of the students along with the reading skills were also focused upon. Short reviews were written by the students as they read different books, sharing their views from different angles and sharing with everyone about what they learnt from it.

The Book Reading Week ended with a special assembly when a dramatic display on the book and movie ‘The Lion King’ was presented. The audience cheered with excitement as the soundtrack was played and the presenters started coming on the stage one by one wearing masks and costumes. Section Head, Anila Usman appreciated the students and teachers for a well celebrated week and shared with them about the super powers that one gets through reading, imagination being the greatest of all.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/532222-book-reading-week-held-at-sls

Annual talent show held at SLS


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School recently held Talent Acquisition Day, says a press release.

An annual talent show was organised by Peshawar Road Primary Branch with the objective to encourage the students to show off their talents. Prof. Raana Qazi, a renowned educationist was invited as the chief guest to be a part of the day and to come and see the students displaying their talents.

The programme formally began when the Section Head Madeeha Umer gave a welcome address and handed over the mic to the students. The students started to show their talents in the ‘Naat’ and ‘Qirat’ category first. Dressed up in white the students very modestly performed on the stage and warmed the hearts with praises for Allah. The program took a very colourful turn when a group of students came on the stage to show their abilities in ‘Origami Art’. Their dresses designed in 3D pattern and made out of recycled newspapers had the attention of the audience as they displayed their art works.

Owing to the interest shown by the students in the performing arts category multiple acts, dramatic displays, singing and dancing performances were staged. A beautiful adaptation of the famous poem ‘Aik Makra aur Makhi’ by Allama Iqbal was presented by the primary students. The students not only sung the poem but also performed side by side, their costumes and props adding colour to the performance. Multiple dance performances were also presented as the program continued. Break Dance performed by the students on catchy tunes lifted the mood of the audience as they cheered and clapped along. To gather the attention of the audience the performances were made relatable with respect to the everyday trends. Girls showing interest in hairstyling show cased their abilities through a ‘YouTube Tutorial’ hosted and presented by the students themselves on the stage, revamping the idea of YouTube tutorials. Students also showed their talents through a magic show. Using several tricks facilitated by colourful props the little magicians gave a stellar performance.

Everyone enjoys singing, be it bathroom singing or singing on the sage in front of an audience. The young singers of Peshawar Road Primary Branch had the audience in awe as they sung a beautiful piece of Sufi poetry. The whirling dervishes at the back of the stage in their tombstone-like felt hats and billowing white robes fascinated the audience who gave a huge round of applause as the performance ended.

The talent show came to an end when a dramatic display based on incidents and events picked up from the life history of famous Urdu and Persian poet ‘Mirza Ghalib’ was presented. Dialogues delivered by the students with perfect intonation, costumes that took everyone back to the old times and poetry that reminded everyone of the grandeur of Urdu language; the dramatic performance had everyone enchanted by its completeness.

Section Head, Madeeha Umer thanked the chief guest and the worthy parents for attending the show. Special words of encouragement and appreciation were spoken for all the participants for displaying their talents and for the teachers for arranging a successful programme which gave a platform to the students to explore their talents and skills.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/527651-annual-talent-show-held-at-sls

Students celebrate ‘Kindness Week’


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated kindness week through series of activities held throughout the week, says a press release.

The activities were planned by the teachers keeping in mind the age levels of the students. Skits and poems were presented in front of the Montessori students to introduce the concept of kindness to them. The primary students shared with their teachers and class fellows ‘small acts of kindness’ that can go a long way in spreading happiness while the senior students made charity boxes and collected donations in the form of toys, clothes and books to help the underprivileged.

The senior branch of the SLS, Range Road Campus held a special assembly in this regard, as the week came to an end. The students threw light on this topic by performing short skits. Sharing your belongings, helping the needy, caring for the elders and the young ones, feeding stray animals and taking care of plants were some of the messages that were delivered through the skits. The performance of the students was praise worthy and was appreciated by the audience with loud claps. The skit was followed by a small poem written and sung by the students themselves enforcing the same message of being kind every day. The actions and smiling faces of the performers added a cheerful vibe to the poem performance which was enjoyed by all.

Pep talks were given to the students throughout the week about sacrificing their wants for other’s needs, speaking kind words and especially on being thoughtful and considerate towards others. The students made charity boxes and collected money to help the underprivileged. They also collected books, toys and other items of everyday use and gifted them to the junior staff of their school. The activity ended on a very happy note with lots of smiling faces around.

Section Head, Mrs. Atiqa Dar appreciated the teachers and students on a well presented assembly. She also addressed the students and reminded them not only to be kind to human beings but to animals and plants as well.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/520333-students-celebrate-kindness-week

Demonstration workshops held at SLS


A series of 14-day demonstration workshops for primary classes were held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The workshops were held at the SLS Head Office and were attended by the teachers from all campuses as a part of the Education Improvement Programme at SLS. The workshops focused on all the subjects divided on different days. The teachers were allotted different topics for demonstrations keeping in mind the syllabus to be taught in the coming term.

The workshops were held during the presence of the subject coordinators guiding the teachers about teaching each concept in an effective and easy manner. Activity based teaching of each subject was highly stressed upon in every workshop. Teachers brought several audio visual aids relevant to their topics and shared their ideas of teaching with the rest of the teachers. The audience also gave in their input by sharing several activities about each topic making the workshops interactive as well. Each workshop was followed by a short feedback session, the purpose of which was to appreciate and provide positive feedback to the teachers especially the new ones in order to boost their morale and create room for improvement. Managing Director, SLS Schools, Mrs. Asiya Talha also attended the workshops and appreciated the teachers for sharing their knowledge and putting so much effort to make the lessons interesting for the students in order enhance their learning. The teachers were also awarded with certificates of appreciation for such well delivered demos.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/512320-demonstration-workshops-held-at-sls

Workshop on activity based learning held at SLS


A three-day workshop on ‘Activity Based Learning in the Classroom’ was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The workshop was conducted by Shahgul Junaid, primary coordinator at the SLS Lalazar Branch. The workshop was based on the practical application of methodology for the classroom aiming towards combining theory with good practice.

The workshop started with several introductory/ice breaking activities and the teachers were guided on how to implement these activities in their classrooms in order to make learning a fun process for the students. The introductory activities were followed by a series of hands on activities each targeting different areas of learning. Demos were taken side by side to ensure better learning and understanding of the teachers. On the second day of the workshop the VAK (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) model of learning was introduced to the teachers. The teachers worked in groups as they were given the task to incorporate the VAK model in order to make sample lesson plans, after choosing any one topic from the subjects that they were teaching.

Side by side guidance was given to the teachers by the workshop moderator. The teachers discussed common classrooms problems and ways to avoid and overcome them. The third day of the workshop focused on cooperate story telling activity. Starting from the significance of paralinguistic features in storytelling to sharing the benefits of it, a demo was given on a story targeting the topic of ‘Prepositions’ in English language class. The last part of the workshop highlighted the importance of time management in a classroom. The teachers were guided on how to divide each section of their lesson plan in the given 40 minutes period aiming towards maximum results in terms of the understanding of the student.

The teachers were able to gain an in depth knowledge about incorporating activities in their lessons both individual and in group. Mrs. Asiya Talha, managing director of SLS Schools appreciated the teachers for sharing their ideas through the creative demos that they presented and encouraged them to implement the learned methods in their classrooms for better learning of the students.

Original Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/492553-workshop-on-activity-based-learning-held-at-sls