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SLS marks ‘Creativity and Innovation Week’

Rawalpindi: All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated Creativity and Innovation Week, says a press release.

The week-long affair enabled students to do something entirely on their own or in groups by using their own ideas and imagination.

The Harley Street Montessori branch students made small DIY projects and other activities, which they later presented in front of their class fellows and parents.

The Junior and Senior Montessori students set up outside in the school playground displaying their class projects. The colour-mixing activity had every one excited as a group of Junior Montessori students gave a presentation on mixing primary colours to form secondary colours. Students used old shoe boxes, plastic bottles and ice-cream sticks to make money boxes, flower pots and photo frames with the help of their teachers showing the fun and practicality of recycling. A corner of the school was made into a small winter wonderland by students who had utilized items of everyday use to make snowmen, snowballs and snowflakes.

The Advanced Montessori students gave step-wise presentations on their DIY projects. The “how to make a party popper with empty tissue paper roll” and “how to make quick eatable items with jam, cake rusk and dry fruits” presentations were a big hit with everyone. Grade 1 students made a project on Rainforests. They shared facts about animals and birds found in rainforests. They had also made a Sea Life display with paper plates.

Section Head, Humaira Zaidi appreciated her team of teachers and students for the wonderful event.



Peace through art

Rawalpindi: Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Lalazar Senior Section conducted a special programme on Peace Through Art, says a press release.

Ideas of world peace were portrayed through different performances. Students narrated speeches and read beautiful poems emphasising the need to minimise violence. They shared ideas on advocating pacifism through finding common goals of peace and sustainability.

A group of students dressed up as followers of different faiths around the globe presented a tableau on acceptance of all religions. It was a beautiful sight to see the idea of Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists and others singing in the hopes of brotherhood and harmony.

To show how differences in everyone’s unique cultures can be a way of appreciation and inclusion as opposed to differences, groups of Citizens of the World clad in their vibrant national dresses rejoiced together on rhythmic tunes. The Turkish Sufis swirled, the jubilant Punjabis danced on Bhangra, the Polish and Germans performed their traditional dances to form beautiful group formations, the Chinese group danced gracefully in their bright costumes, and Kashmiris also danced on their soft music.

The second last part of the performance had girls and boys dressed up in white lighting up candles on the song ‘Light a Candle for Peace’. The final performance of the day was on a beautiful song sung by two students with a guitar also emphasising the choice of the path that leads to peace.

Thanking the audience and appreciating the students Section Head, Farah Badar said that religion was one important factor in bringing people closer to one another, culture being the other. She said that when people start embracing each other’s differences along with the similarities, peace was bound to prevail.