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English Language Week celebrated


English Language Week was celebrated in all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, says a press release.

The Language Week celebrated at SLS, Peshawar Road Primary branch had a lot of exciting English language activities planned throughout the week.

Shakespeare and the grandeur of his literary works was the focus of the morning assemblies. Students performed on parts of different plays written by William Shakespeare. It was a treat to see young children dress up like characters of Macbeth, Hamlet and Merchant of Venice and speak Shakespearean dialogues while performing their parts. Students were introduced to famous quotes of Shakespeare throughout the week and were motivated to “learn a phrase a day”.

A poetry writing competition was held and the best poems were displayed for parents and visitors to view and read.”Make your own Story Book” had students making their very own story books following a given outline. The activity was carried out in groups and students loved creating their own stories and adding colorful illustrations and cover pages. ‘Grammar Balloons’ challenge was to keep the balloon in the air while uttering as many vocabulary words as possible from the chosen lexical group at every hit. Other groups listened carefully and shouted “out!” for every mistake or repetition. Another fun filled activity called “Readers’ Theaters” gave students 15 minutes to prepare given roles and dialogues after which they had to present on stage. Students prepared crossword puzzles from their favourite stories and then challenged their friends to solve them.

‘Running Dictation’ was a thrilling game played by students in which interesting paragraphs were pinned up at a distance and students had to run, memorize sentences and spellings, and dictate it to their partners. Chants were made by students and used to memorize difficult concepts. A ‘Mystery Story’ was created by students by passing on the script to others after adding a secret sentence and students laughed their hearts out when they tried to make “Silly Sentences”.

Section Head, Madeeha Umar actively participated with the students through the week. She said that the importance of the English language could not be denied nor ignored and this week’s celebration had instilled a renewed sense of appreciation in the students of the magic that lies in languages.


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SLS students commemorate Pakistan Resolution Day


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School marked Pakistan Resolution Day in the form of weeklong succession of activities and events.

The students of SLS, Harley Street Senior branch celebrated this day with great zeal and zest with a special programme organised by the teachers and senior students. The programme began with a national song sung by a student creating an aura of nationalism and patriotism.

Since history plays an important part in making young minds understand the importance of days like Pakistan Resolution Day, a student delivered a speech highlighting the important historical events that led up of the day. To show the rich culture and heritage of Pakistan, students of grade 7, 8 and 9 presented a tableau on the national song ‘Rahay Salamat Pakistan.’ The audience cheered and applauded as the students danced on regional beats wearing beautiful dresses representing the diversity in the provinces of Pakistan.

The next performance was the highlight of the programme enjoyed equally by the students and the teachers. The school compound was filled with the sound of students clapping and cheering as the boys of grade 9 stepped onto the stage wearing the national dress of Pakistan with green scarves adorned around their necks and danced enthusiastically on the national song ‘Ay Jawaan Jeet Hay Tera Nishaan.’ This amazing performance was followed by girls and boys of grade 7 and 9 who took over the stage to sing a medley of our favourite national songs with the audience singing along waving small stick flags. More speeches were delivered by the senior students with the purpose of paying homage to the leaders who were the part of the freedom movement and to inculcate the notion of helping the country in hours of need.

Guest of honour, Lt. Basim Mustafa said a few but very encouraging words to the students about being honest and helpful citizens of the country. At the end of the programme, Principal Mobeena Moazzam addressed all the students and teachers and thanked them for arranging such a fantastic event to commemorate such an important day. She also thanked Lt. Basim Mustafa, an ex-SLS student for coming as a guest and motivating the students to do something for their country.

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SLS School celebrates World Wildlife Day


Montessori students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School marked World Wildlife Day, at the SLS, Peshawar Road, and Range Road campuses.

A special morning assembly was arranged for students of Junior, Senior and Advanced Montessori. The audience of students was a sight to see as all of them had their faces painted to represent a certain type of wildlife animal.

Peshawar Road Campus Headmistress Naghmana Anjum gave a brief talk to her students about why this day is celebrated. She highlighted how each one of us can save wildlife, flora and fauna, by protecting natural resources, not wasting water, burning less fuel, by using paper bags instead of plastic bags and by not killing animals for fun or sport. She then invited her students to start the event. As the song “Jungle Rhythm” started playing, students dressed as ‘people of the nature’ danced a song dedicated to the coexistence of humans with nature. A quiz followed with the audience having to name a wild animal and take out its sound. A poem performance called “Walking through the jungle, what do you see?” had the audience and performers singing together ‘spotting’ different wild animals. A student of Advance Montessori said a few words on Animals Are Our Friends and how just like us they have a brain and can feel love and pain.

A skit was presented at both campuses to create awareness about not killing the animals for fun or for their skin. Montessori students of the SLS, Range Road campus showed how animals used to live happily and peacefully until the hunters came to hunt them for fun and for their skin. They also cut down trees and destroyed the habitat. The end consequence showed a world without animals and plants and humans full of regret. Students were told that animals cannot speak for themselves so all of us have to be their voice. Range Road Section Head, Irum Jamal spoke about the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day – ‘the future of wildlife is in our hands’ and urged students and teachers to make kindness to plants and animals a part of their daily life and not just a one day celebration.

Teaching compassion to young students can be a challenging task but with the help of poems, props, costumes and skits, small lessons can be imparted to young minds. World Wildlife Day was proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly in 2013 and is celebrated every year in March.

Original Post: http://www.thenews.com.pk/print/110336-SLS-School-celebrates-World-Wildlife-Day

SLS School celebrates International Day of Sport


Students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School, Senior Section Lalazar celebrated the International Day of Sport for Peace and Development, says a press release.

The event began the event with rhythmic gymnastics. Students performed a Ribbon act, a component of rhythmic gymnastics in which long colourful ribbons are twirled on long sticks. The ribbon performers were joined by frilly ringed aerobics performers who moved in perfect coordination to the rhythm of the beat. The upbeat opening acts were followed by a PT display and a martial arts demonstration performed to the soundtrack of Mortal Kombat. Students showed their warm up routine composed of stretches and Tai Chi. They showed their stick fighting skills, impressively twirling their wooden sticks in between moves. The use of the nunchaku, a traditional Okinawan martial arts weapon, was the second act. Taekwondo followed next with students showing how to defend basic attacks and how to turn them around in your favour. High kicks followed and the martial art performers saved their best act for the last – breaking three tiles stacked on one another. Their “Kiai” sound while breaking the tiles successfully brought a thunderous applause from the audience.

The next act was a synchronized aerobics dance with the use of colourful pom-poms. Moving to the sound of the music, the performers used their sitting and standing positions to make impressive synchronized waves in different directions. These ‘human waves’ were a treat to watch and the students practice showed in their flawless performance.

A girls tug-of-war and boys tug-of-war drew a lot of encouragement and cheers from the audience. A fun spoon race gave time to set the badminton courts where the final matches took place. A friendly football match comprising of just penalty strokes between the existing 9th grade and outgoing 10th grade ensued.

All dressed in black, two dozen boys showed the audience their gym routines, all done to very catchy music. Warm ups and stretches were given extreme importance and the correct body posture for lifting weights was emphasized.

The closing act was prepared to celebrate the World Day for Cultural Diversity celebrated the world over in the month of May. Close to a hundred students dressed in different provincial costumes performed provincial dances. Every province’s act was done keeping in mind every small detail of costume and dance. At the end, all the sports performers joined the regional dance performers and it was the most colourful and happy sight to behold.

Section Head, Farah Badar thanked the parents for their support and time. She said that while she understood how much pressure students are under once they are in secondary classes, sports is the most integral part of building character, and no one should grow up without having fun. She said the celebration of the International Day of Sport for Peace and Development brought both pivotal aspects of sports and fun together in one day.


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SLS School holds table tennis tournament


A four day Inter-campus Table Tennis tournament was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

The event was hosted by SLS, Harley Street Senior section and the SLS, Islamabad campus.The competition was held between 18 branches from which a total of 320 players participated comprising of 164 girls and 156 boys.Grades 5 played in their own Primary category and 6th to 9th graders competed in the Secondary category. The first two days had the qualifying matches, semi-finals were played on the third day followed by the final matches and prize distribution on the fourth day.

Raheela Kashif, National Table Tennis player who has represented Pakistan forty times in various Asian games, SAF games and World Championships was the guest of honour to witness the thrilling final matches and to award prizes to the winners. All the participants played with enthusiasm and had the audience mesmerised in the games. Fellow students supported their campus players with a lot of cheering and applauding.

The Islamabad campus took the Champions trophy by winning the most number of matches and scoring 54 points on the points table after a tough competition with Lalazar Senior branch which stood second with 32 points. In the Primary category, Peshawar Road Primary branch stood first with 11 points after giving a tough time to 37-Tulsa Road which bagged the second position by scoring 8 points on the points table.

The chief guest appreciated the players admiring their great zeal and zest andshe also acknowledged the hard work put in by their coaches. She said that sports played a vital role in building confidence, in developing sportsmanship and maintaining not just good health but also a healthy mind.

In the Primary category Abdullah Tariq of Peshawar Road Primary branch and Fizza Khan of Tufail Road branch won the Best Player of the Tournament Trophy (singles), Mirza Faris Ahmad and Abdullah Rauf of Civil Lines branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (boys), and Hira Karim and Raima Sohail of 37-Tulsa Road branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (girls). The title of the Best Players Secondary category (singles) was won by M. Umer of Junior Section Lalazar and Zoella Sultan of Tufail Road branch. Ehsan Imtiaz and M. Ammar of Peshawar Road Senior branch were awarded the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (boys), and Eman Nadeem and Amna Sohail of Islamabad Branch won the Best Doubles Team of the Tournament Trophy (girls).


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