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SLS School celebrates Universal Children’s Day


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated Universal Children’s Day, says a press release.

Students and teachers of the SLS, Lalazar Montessori Section held a special morning assembly in order to highlight the importance of this day and to make the wee ones a little more aware of their rights and duties. The assembly started with a small poem sung by a group of students on the theme of the term “Respect for All”. A young student gave a very admirable and effective speech on the why and when of the Universal Children’s Day celebration.

Skits were presented to highlight the rights of children, their right to an education, the right to good and healthy food and the right to be heard. Students came up on the stage one by one holding placards and slogans in order to make their fellow friends aware of their rights and just as importantly, their duties. The same concept was reinforced through a dance performance on a poem which had the same theme. The students clapped and cheered as a group of boys and girls performed on stage with glittery pompoms.

Students were made aware of living in a global village when they were told about the lives of children in different developed and underdeveloped countries and the kind of problems they face, if any, when it comes to their rights.

The final act was on the famous anthem “we shall overcome” with students dressed up in national dresses of different countries. Showing togetherness with the children of the world, the performance showed students standing tall with all children of the world who are suffering through violence and/or discrimination.

Principal, SLS Lalazar Montessori, Attiya Nadeem spoke to the students a little more about what they had just seen in their special assembly. She broke down the big concept of children’s rights in a way that the young minds could grasp. She appreciated everyone’s efforts and asked the students to give the assembly teacher and participants a big round of applause.


SLS School holds Fun Day


To mark the end of their second term exams, the students and teachers of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Satellite Town Primary branch organised a funfair, says a press release.

The theme was ‘Circus’ and a red and white canopy was put up with buntings to give the effect of a circus covering the entire main ground of the SLS, Chandni Chowk branch. Parents and families were invited to enjoy multiple foods and game stalls setup on the sides of the ground. The centre of attraction for the students were the games, like mini golf, passing the ball through the hole and sand treasure. A crowd of students was seen outside the horror house and the snakes and ladders game. Screams of fun could be heard as witches and ghosts frightened everyone who went in.

Families sat together to enjoy different types of food. Face painting was a hit and a long line of students waited to get their faces painted. Girls were getting beautiful henna designs made on their hands. Uplifting music set the mood for the day and many young ones took moments to dance to the beat. As they held up different props and frames, laughter took over and made way for some beautiful camera captures. The creativity of the teachers could be seen through the beautiful gift boxes, colourful caps, decorated masks and caps they had handmade.

The colourful event continued throughout the day with families spending quality time together and having fun. Section Head, Saima Asad met with parents, appreciated her team’s effort and said that this was a well-deserved break for her staff and students after all their hard work.


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SLS School holds badminton tournament


A four-day Inter-campus Badminton Tournament was held at Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, says a press release.

Pakistan Badminton Federation Vice President Mian Waqas Masood was the guest of honour to witness the exciting final matches and to award trophies and certificates to the winners. The competition was held between 18 branches with a total of 328 students participating with 168 girls and 160 boys competing in the singles and doubles category.

The event was hosted by SLS, Senior Section Lalazar and SLS, Islamabad campus. The first three days witnessed the elimination matches and the semi-finals, and the finals were played on the fourth day with all the participants showing off their competitive streak.

The audience and the teams and their instructors cheered and applauded as their team mates scored points.

The Lalazar Senior campus took the Champions Trophy by winning the most number of matches and scoring 51 points on the points table after a nail biting competition with Islamabad branch which stood second with 28 points. In the primary category (Class V), Peshawar Road Primary branch stood first with 13 points and 37 – Tulsa Road and Tufail Road branch stood second with 5 points each on the points table.

The chief guest appreciated all the students for playing well and congratulated the winners on their success. Best player awards were also given for the primary and secondary categories.

In the primary category, Ahmed Ali of 37- Tulsa Road branch and Fizza Khan of the Tufail Road branch won the Best Players of the Tournament trophy (singles). Abdullah Tariq and Muhammad Zakria, and Maheen Abrar and Aleeza Idrees of Peshawar Road Primary branch won the Best Players of the Tournament Trophy (doubles) in the boys and girls category respectively. In the secondary category, Sharim Sulman of Harley Street Senior branch and Zoha Wajid of Civil Lines Primary branch won the Best Players of the Tournament trophy (singles).

Murtaza Kamal Durrani and Muhammad Haseeb of the Islamabad campus won the Best Players of the Tournament Trophy (boys doubles) and Komal Ayaz and Anzish Faisal of Senior Section Lalazar won the Best Players of the Tournament Trophy (girls doubles).


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/170261-SLS-School-holds-badminton-tournament

SLS School celebrates World Cities Day


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated World Cities Day, says a press release.

The United Nations designated October 31st as World Cities Day to encourage the international community to take interest in the effects of urbanisation. The students of the SLS, Tufail Road branch made and displayed projects reflecting the theme of sustainability in the urbanisation of cities.

The students divided themselves into groups and chose to study the top seven most sustainable cities in the world. The projects were displayed in the school ground and the parents and students who came to visit them were given information about each city. The stage of the school was separately decorated by the senior students and was transformed into a small windmill station with windmills that were operated by small batteries. The students not only made a laudable effort in creating the projects but they also collected useful data on how these top cities contributed in making themselves sustainable socially, economically and environmentally.

Special emphasis was put on the necessity of a clean environment to breathe for the sustenance of human life and the measures adopted the world over to obtain a carbon free environment was one of the focal points of these presentations. From Singapore to Stockholm and from Tokyo to London, students gave some very interesting facts about how these cities succeeded in providing a sustainable environment for humans and animals.

The famous landmarks of the cities gave them away immediately. Amsterdam’s huge tulip fields, the extensive overhead cycling track of Copenhagen and the Tyresta National Park of Stockholm were appreciated. Walking from one project to another showed well-researched flow chart diagrams, figure representation of water purification plants and models of green lighthouses and windmill stations.

Students also focused on the cities of Pakistan and the issues urbanisation is bringing socially, economically and environmentally. Principal, SLS, Tufail Road branch Samina Zeeshan appreciated the effort of her students and teachers and said that such projects were essential for students to be involved in for them to become well-rounded individuals.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/165439-SLS-School-celebrates-World-Cities-Day

SLS School holds inter-campus debate


Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School held its annual Inter-SLS debate competition, says a press release.

A total of 95 students from higher secondary and high school classes from eight campuses participated in Urdu and English debates. In lieu of the number of participants, the event was held at two separate venues. The English debate competition was held at the Lalazar campus and the Harley Street campus hosted the Urdu debates. Seventh and eighth graders made one category and the 9th and 10th graders competed with each other.

For the English declamation, the 7th and 8th graders debated on whether the internet meant the end of newspapers and books whereas the 9th and 10th graders gave their views on whether posting student grades on bulletin boards was humiliation or motivation to perform better. The panel of judges consisted of educationalist and master teacher trainer, Shaista Shahid, educationalist and student counsellor, Sitwat Yusafzai, and journalist and analyst Rana Qaiser.

In the Urdu declamation students spoke on “Mai Jeeton Ya Haroon, Mai Sikander Hoon!” (Is winning the most important thing?). The 9th and 10th graders questioned ethics and being street-smart in “Kia Emaandari Hamesha Kaam Aati Hai?” (Is honesty always the best policy?). Renowned Urdu novelist, Shireen Haider, educationalist Nuzhat Tariq, and motivational speaker Farah Ali were on the panel of judges.

After three hours of excitement and cheering, the debate competitions came to an end. The audience of parents, teachers and participants applauded as the results were announced.

In English 7th and 8th graders, Wahib Javed from the Harley Street Senior branch got the first position, Ayat Nawaz from Tufail Road branch, Fateh Kirmani from Senior Section Lalazar and Haya Khurshid from Islamabad bagged the second position. In the 9th – 10th graders, Tooba Kabir of Tufail Road branch came first, Shehr Bano from the Islamabad branch and Abdullah Imran of Peshawar Road senior branch both stood second.

In Urdu 7th and 8th graders, Ahmad Mansoor and Abdur Rehman from the Islamabad branch got the first and second position respectively and Aliyan Rizvi from Peshawar road senior branch stood third. For the 9th – 10th graders, the first position was taken by Aliza Shehzad of Tufail Road branch, Haniya Tayyab from the Islamabad branch stood second and Khadija Akhtar of Peshawar Road senior branch came third.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/161923-SLS-School-holds-inter-campus-debate

Children books author visits SLS School


Children’s books author, Bernadette Wirtz visited the Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School, Islamabad campus, says a press release.

Wirtz has worked extensively in educational publishing in Asia for over 14 years publishing a number of titles for English Language Teaching. The purpose of her visit was to talk to the students about their likes and interests when it comes to reading stories. Wirtz will be putting together new readers for primary and secondary classes that will incorporate cultural content and elements from Asian cultures.

Wirtz took a tour of the campus to see the resources available to the students. She was particularly interested in the library and the IT lab. She observed English classes from primary to lower secondary while they were in session. She asked the students what they knew about their neighbouring countries, their cultures and what sports and games the children over there played. She questioned the students about their favourite genre of stories, if they liked mystery and suspense or science fiction and fantasy.

Festivals were discussed and Wirtz was told about the celebration of the ‘Basant’ (kite flying) Festival to welcome spring. The significance of Monsoons was mentioned, how people make special food to distribute to their neighbours and how rainy weather is a joyous occasion for adults and children alike.

Wirtz then sat down with SLS Schools Managing Director Asiya Talha and Principal, SLS Islamabad campus, Shahida Khurshid to discuss more in detail the kind of readers that would be a source of joy and inspiration to students.  The students were very excited about their visitor and gathered around her after school hours to ask questions and make friends.

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/158961-Children-books-author-visits-SLS-School

SLS students celebrate International Peace Day


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School celebrated the International Day of Peace, says a press release.

The Montessori students of Islamabad Branch along with their teachers and parents held a special morning assembly in order to mark the importance of this day. All the Senior and Advanced Montessori students peacefully sat in the assembly area wearing headbands with peace symbol made on them.

The programme started off with a brief introduction of the day so as to engage the young minds with the notion of peace and its importance, that peace begins with a smile and when everyone around us is happy we feel at peace. To inaugurate the day and to spread happiness, a group of students came on stage to welcome the audience as they danced delightfully to a very cheerful welcome song. The next performance was by a group of girls dressed up as fairies wearing white, lacy frocks. They performed on the famous peace song “Light a Candle for Peace” which conveys a beautiful message that if everyone fulfils his part in the process of achieving peace then a day will come when our wish for world peace will become a reality.

The dove is known as the symbol of peace the world over and in order to familiarize the students with it, a special performance was prepared. Four students from Advanced Montessori dressed up as doves and carrying beautiful paper props representing the wings of the dove came on stage and presented an act on the famous Urdu poem “Aman Ka Panchi”. To emphasize the significance of this day some famous quotes of renowned personalities known for their work for world peace were quoted by the teachers side by side during the special programme. A peaceful society to live in is the right of every living being and it can only be achieved if every individual works for it in order to create a ripple effect. Keeping this very thought in mind, the next performance was based on a song which held a very strong message that peace can be taught by doing and saying.

The special assembly ended with a peace song sung by the Montessori students. The parents of the SLS students were moved by these heart-warming efforts and they gave a huge round of applause on a well celebrated day. Montessori Head Directress, Uzma Ali thanked her students and teachers for their efforts. She ended by stating that the purpose of celebrating this day was to start with peace at home which is only possible if perceptions and attitudes are changed.


Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/156983-SLS-students-celebrate-International-Peace-Day

SLS School celebrates Artists Week


All campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School celebrated the annual School Artists Week, says a press release.

The students and teachers of SLS, Junior Branch Satellite Town, grades one to three, held a special day long activity to acknowledge the importance of art as a source of fun and growth. School bags were left at home and all tables and chairs were arranged outside in the shade on a beautiful sunny day with pedestal fans to keep the air cool.

Sajjad Akram, artist and Assistant Professor at the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi was invited to be a part of the day and come and see the young artists at work. Students dressed as Leonardo de Vinci and Claude Monet welcomed the guests and gave a brief introduction about their particular character.

Different art mediums were assigned to the young artists with no specific theme. Class one used colour pencils, students of class two used oil pastels and class three used water colours to spread their ideas on their canvas. As their favourite tunes played in the background, a multitude of themes could be seen in the students’ paintings; sea life, spring season, the flag of Pakistan. Some paintings had very important messages in them like how different forms of pollution are damaging our environment. Looking at the fun they were having and spotting talent in the students, Sajjad appreciated all the young artists and offered individual guidance to some of the students.

The fun filled day ended with the students encouraged to cheer and applaud for themselves for their works. They showed their art work to each other, to their teachers and the guests. Section Head, Junior Branch Satellite Town, Umema Tuz Zehra thanked the guest of honour and appreciated all her students and teachers. She said that creating art was one of the best things an educator could instill in a child and that no art that a child makes can be less than a masterpiece for they draw from their souls.

Source: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/151887-SLS-School-celebrates-Artists-Week

Students of SLS celebrate I-Day


Independence Day was celebrated a little belated in all campuses of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori and High School in the form of a weeklong succession of activities and events, says a press release.

The teachers, staff, students and parents of SLS, Harley Street campus senior branch gathered for a morning event to mark the occasion. The teachers and students dressed up in the green and white showing the unity and diversity symbolised in our flag. The ground and the surrounding areas were decorated with dozens of Pakistani flags and balloons of green and white colour.

More than 450 students from grade IV to X took part in the celebration with great fervour and enthusiasm. The junior students showcased their creativity and designing skills by making badges and sunshade caps designed like our country’s flag. They had painted their faces with green and white colours, the white representing religious minorities, and the green representing the Muslim majority. The campus felt alive with a patriotic spirit. Students took pledges, sang patriotic songs, presented skits, tableaus and conducted speeches inspiring national pride.

The event concluded beautifully with a prayer in the form of a national song. Principal of SLS, Harley Street campus senior branch, Mobeena Moazzam thanked the audience of parents and students and appreciated everyone’s efforts. She said that freedom is a gift, a privilege and a challenge; it does not consist in doing what one wants to do but doing what is expected to be done. Students, she said, were the hope of the nation, the ones to take it into the future and make it a happy nation.


Original Article: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/149386-Students-of-SLS-celebrate-I-Day

SLS School students return from abroad


Two students of Sadeeqa’s Learning System (SLS) Montessori & High School recently came back after being in the United States for a year under iEarn’s Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Programme, says a press release.

Yumna Owais and Maira Asrar, students of the SLS, Lalkurti campus were 16 and 15 years old respectively when they were selected to spend one year in the United States as cultural ambassadors of Pakistan.

Yumna lived with the Oliver’s family and went to Winston Churchill High School in Potomac, Maryland. Apart from studying a diverse range of subjects which included Modern American Culture, and Film Making, Yumna was also on the school track team, in the theatre club and a member of Churchill Robotics team. She worked as a member at a suicide awareness and prevention programme among the student community and completed 100 hours of community service at an old persons home. Yumna had a special inclination towards sports and choose Physical Education as a subject. This enabled her to learn archery, swimming, horseback riding, ice-skating, softball, tennis, and basketball amongst other sports.

Maira was hosted by the Ochoas’ family in Lewis Centre, Ohio where she attended Olentangy Orange High School. Maira was a part of her school’s Service Club where they conducted different community service activities for different holidays. She worked as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity (an organisation that builds houses for needy people) which enabled her to go on a service trip to South Carolina with her school where she helped with the flooring and decking of the houses being built.

Excelling in Mathematics made her work as a volunteer tutor at a high school. Maira initiated the celebration of International Education Week at her high school and kicked it off by introducing Pakistan to her host school. She said the best part of her stay was that not only did she get to experience American culture but also Mexican culture since her host Dad was Hispanic.

In the last decade, SLS School has sent 30 students for this study abroad programme. Three more students will be leaving for their study abroad this year.

Original Article: https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/146274-SLS-School-students-return-from-abroad